Saint Thomas Aquinas High School

Surface Pro Offer for Saints Families

We believe that using technology appropriately and responsibly to enhance a student's education is far more important than the device they choose, but people have inquired as to whether or not we could get a better deal for families by utilizing connections we might have. We've not been able to find that kind of deal.... UNTIL NOW. We have contracted to offer you the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at a considerable savings. The configurations we are offering include the keyboard cover, the surface pen, and Office 365 through graduation, which are often additional purchases made in-store to help take full advantage of the Surface's capabilities.

One thing we know is the research indicates that having students take notes by hand leads to deeper understanding and better retention than if they try to type notes in a document word-for-word as the teacher speaks. The combination of the Surface Pro 4 tablet combined with note-taking apps (such as OneNote, available for free as part of the Office 365 package), allows students to hand write notes and store them electronically, which changes the game in terms of blending good note taking and technology. 

Each version of the Surface Pro 4 which we are offering should get your student through 4 years of high school in terms of it's ability to perform necessary tasks. The less expensive option would be ideal for someone whose main requirements would include working in Office 365, seeking information on the internet, and doing minimal desktop publishing and/or video creation. The more expensive option would be appropriate for someone more interested in upper-level STEM coursework, enhanced video creation and editing, and working with Adobe's Creative Cloud.
If you have any questions about the computers, please contact Dave Shriver at 913.319.2440.
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