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Becoming a Saint

We want you to know everything there is about becoming a Saint. Read below for important information! 

Saint Thomas Aquinas

We gather here together
As friends, we’re side-by-side,
To sing our Alma Mater
With unity and pride.
To her we will be faithful
and always will be true.
Forever loyal to STA
Her banner gold and blue.
Though years may separate us,
Our memories live on.
Her spirit ever present
Our strength and shield our song.
As we go down life’s pathway,
Our faith will keep us strong.
Amor Vincit Omnia,
Love will conquer all.

Contact Information

Katie (Regan) Kolich, '98
Director of Admissions


I am able to come to school everyday knowing I will have a community
that loves me and wants the best for me.

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