Update 12/18

Merry Christmas!! We are truly blessed with our community here at Saint Thomas Aquinas. A few months ago we had no idea how this semester would play out. Our student council challenged us with the theme, “We’ll Find a Way”.  We did just that! We came together to learn and to grow in person. Thank you for your support and belief in us to fulfill our mission this semester. We are proud of our students for their determination to make something good happen. We are proud of our teachers for their care and dedication of our students. Have a great Christmas with your family and we pray you will remain healthy. May you experience God’s peace.  
Here is the schedule to start the 2nd semester:
Wednesday, January 6th - EVEN
Thursday, January 7th - ODD
Friday, January 8th - EVEN
Monday, January 11th - ODD
Tuesday, January 12th - EVEN
Wednesday, January 13th  - ODD
Thursday, January 14th - EVEN
Friday, January 15th - ODD
Monday, January 18th - NO SCHOOL; MLK