Reminder of Attendance Policies and Procedures

Regular school attendance is a partner to academic success! Parents and students are urged to recognize the need for promptness each day and attendance in all classes throughout the school year, unless a student is ill. When students miss classes, they lose valuable in-class instruction and form poor habits that can result in problems for them later in school or in the work force.
The following are guidelines regarding appointments, late to school, etc. and can also be found in the student handbook on the website. To access the handbook click the student tab at the top of the website, then find student handbook in the blue box on the right. Parents and students are encouraged to read this section thoroughly.
  • Parents must call the Attendance Line (319-2415) if their student is going to be absent or late arriving, call as soon as possible in the morning. (Please call by 8:00 A.M. to report any absences). You may even leave a message on the direct line voice mail the evening before. Be assured that the message you leave on the Attendance voice mail, (319-2415) is received; normally, no call backs to confirm are made. You cannot report an absence or late arrival via email.
  • When possible, appointments (doctor, dental, orthodontic, personal, etc.) should be scheduled before or after school, Saturdays, or school holidays so that class time is not missed. STA period, which is on Odd days, is also a good time to schedule appointments. If early dismissal from class is necessary, please call the Attendance Office (319-2415), and a pass will be issued to the student. Parents do not have to come in the building; student may meet parent outside at a mutually agreed upon place. Students are not supposed to be using their cell phones during school, so please do not text them about appointments. You may be assured that your student will be notified about an early dismissal. You cannot report an early dismissal via email.
  • Oversleeping, sleeping in (because of late night activity or doing homework) and staying home to do homework, are not excused reasons to be late to school. A detention will be given if a student is late to school for any of these reasons.
  • If a student becomes ill at school, please encourage them to go to the nurse’s office to be evaluated. The nurse will evaluate the student’s symptoms and call a parent should they need to be sent home from school. Texting is not encouraged, since students are not supposed to be on their cell phones.