Purses to Persevere KC

"Do you have any purses laying around at home that you don't use anymore?! Please bring them in and drop them in the bins marked "Purses to Persevere KC" by each entrance!
Purses to Persevere KC is a nonprofit that supports struggling women by providing them with purses filled with essential self-care items like hair ties, sunscreen moisturizer, mascara, etc. Things that will help them with self-confidence and will show them that others care about them!"
Also, Friday will be a jeans day for those who bring $5 to their first period of the day. The money will go towards buying self-care items to place in the donated purses.”
Why Issy Earp, Class of 2022, decided to work on this project:
"I am very grateful for the opportunities that I have been given and am very lucky that COVID has not had as great of a negative impact on me as it has for others. So, when I was thinking about how I could use my privilege to help others back in June, I started thinking of ways that I could. I had never seen anyone collecting purses, and from experience I know women tend to splurge on buying new purses often and then forget about their old ones. I also think it’s important to offer women in shelters a self-care item or two that will help them feel good about themselves"