Leadership 100 & 200

Sometimes learning is fun and games. Students in Dr. Fallon’s Leadership 100 Seminar recently experienced the stages of Argyris' Ladder of Inference (data, meanings, assumptions, conclusions, beliefs, and actions) in a series of physical exercises. What they discovered is it’s a lot harder to leverage one another’s strengths when the situation turns competitive and the stakes are high. Too often we revert to select data that is derived from our own bias. Learning how to lead isn’t innate, but something practiced over and over again.
How do you work together to solve a problem when you’re faced with ambiguity? Dr. Fallon’s Leadership Seminar students recently enacted a scenario forcing them to make some hard decisions. Like who to throw overboard into the shark infested waters. They weren’t the only ones involved this time however, teachers and administrators from Ascension and Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic grade schools got to join in.
The Leaderless Raft challenge was met with surprise, laughter and a little frustration. Students had to eliminate one another based on job title using moral/ethical judgment (does a surgeon get thrown into shark infested waters or does the priest?). The take-away? Ambiguity creates stress and anxiety, the key is to work together and stay calm.
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