2020-2021 Saint Thomas Aquinas Retirees

Join us in congratulating the Saint Thomas Aquinas faculty and staff members who retired in 2020 and those retiring this year, 2021, for their years of service to our Saints community. We thank them for their commitment to Catholic education and endless patience and motivation in helping to shape the lives of our students. But more than that, we thank them for their friendship.

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship." ~ Saint Thomas Aquinas
Retired in 2020
Phyllis Distler (20 years at STA)
Craig Ewing (32 years at STA)
Dr. Bill Ford (22 years at STA)
Paula McCarthy (22 years at STA) - not pictured
Al Schendel (21 years at STA) - not pictured
Vicki Schroeder (23 years at STA)
Retiring in 2021
Becky Akright (13 years at STA)
Dave Shriver (33 years at STA)
Sarah Burgess (31 years at STA)
Karen Sturges (31 years at STA)
Joanne Mayfield (11 years at STA) - not pictured
Kathy Franzen (14 ½ years at STA) - not pictured