Lisa Finholm, '02

Experienced marketing professional with over 12 years of well-rounded marketing strategy experience in technology sectors.
I've always been a storyteller. It was a natural fit that I began my marketing career as a content writer. From there, I moved into a marketing manager role where I led marketing initiatives to drive our brand awareness and customer experience. These content strategy initiatives included assisting in web design and copywriting, managing our blog, social media, product brochures, campaign development, events, and multimedia creative. Collaborating with a talented marketing team, we were part of several large company acquisitions which required complete corporate rebrands. I was lucky enough to be part of teams strategizing ways to elevate our brand and tell our story.
With a love of photography and video, I moved into concentrating on video production and corporate photography exclusively. I led a global video team that produced over 300 videos a year. These included top-level brand awareness pieces that lived on the homepage of our websites, explainer and product demos for sales teams, large budget corporate event videos for partners and customers, social media shorts and commercials tied to our key sponsorship with Major League Baseball.
I led the strategy of video production from the idea phase, creative direction, project management both internally and with outside vendors, to the last round of edits and distribution. During this time I also led all the photography on our corporate websites and social media.
Most recently, I was encouraged by mentors to enter a channel marketing manager role and visit the lower part of that sales funnel which has given me a 365 degree view of the entire marketing journey. This role has given me valuable perspectives as a marketer. Taking what I learned in corporate marketing, I've been able to play a key role managing relationships with over 50 of our partners across the United States, internal sales and marketing teams and end customers. I consult with our partners and advise marketing strategy ranging from integrated campaigns, social media strategy, branding messaging and design, best practices when copywriting and creative content such as video, photography and other top multimedia trends.