Saints in the Spotlight | Issy Earp, ‘22

This past summer, Saints senior Issy Earp spent her days commuting to Pittsburg, KS to work in a lab. Three days a week, nine hours a day, she conducted research and experiments at the Kansas Polymer Research Center on fabricating a Supercapacitor and making a water-splitting catalyst. The culminating reward of those long summer days was being selected to present her research to the scientific community at the American Chemical Society Midwest Regional Meeting held in Springfield, MO, on October 20-22. 
We had a chance to talk with Issy about her experience and discover just how amazing this opportunity was for her and her future. 
“Being selected to present at the American Chemical Society conference was an honor. My lab partners and I worked hard to write detailed research papers and design presentation posters to represent our research on Binder-free Nickel Cobalt-based Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen and Oxygen Evolution. I was thrilled when I received confirmation that both of my research papers had been accepted by the committee for presentation.
There were many other research groups from different labs and universities in the midwest who presented their work at the conference as well as many individual professors who spoke on different topics. The presentation was much like a Science fair. I stood in front of my posters and individuals would come up and ask me questions about my research. I had a chance to talk with many renowned professors about their works as well. 
I really enjoyed this experience because it provided me the opportunity to immerse myself in the type of research that I will be doing in college and my professional career.”
Way to go Issy! We’re proud of you and your accomplishments. We look forward to hearing more about your bright future.