Engineering Panel

Jack Seiler, ‘18
Jack is currently a senior in the College of Engineering at Kansas State University. He is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering. He currently serves as an Engineering Ambassador for the College of Engineering and as a software engineer intern for Garmin International. Jack Seiler will be speaking about his journey through the College of Engineering and discuss which paths are best suited for each individual! I can’t wait to hear his insights! 
Rob Cowdrey, ‘13 
Works primary with solution design and implementation of Identity Services Engine (ISE) and TrustSec in the enterprise, manufacturing, and service provider spaces. Rob Cowdrey is an excellent mentor and leader at Cisco. Tom Kiley from Cisco had this to say about Rob Cowdrey,
“During my time working with him, he provided me with all the opportunities I needed to be successful. As a leader by example, Rob demonstrates his ability through his actions, and influences others to follow his lead. His technical knowledge is invaluable to the team, and when combined with his leadership skills he is able to effectively lead projects and inspire interest within the other team members. It was a privilege to work with Rob, and I hope to work with him again soon in the future.”
We are very fortunate to have Rob back to present his knowledge and expertise in the Engineering Profession! Welcome Back, Rob! 
Ryan Cowdrey, ‘15
Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer at Raven 3D, LLC. Ryan graduated from OU with a master's degree in mechanical engineering. His research was focused on developing a novel method of 3D printing resin-coated continuous carbon fiber using UV assisted in-situ curing. At Raven 3D, he is primarily focused on developing the hardware systems necessary to 3D print cutting-edge materials.