We hope you will join us for One Short Day in Emerald City on Saturday, November 13th, 2021. The decorations committee will be Defying Gravity as they transform the Commons and Gym. Be Popular with your parent friends and organize a table of 10 or 12. Follow the Yellow Brick Road through the Commons entertainment and then go somewhere Over the Rainbow for the seated dinner, auction. End the evening Dancing Through Life to a live band.

You will be Making Good* for the students of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School when you donate, attend and bid.


Mary & John Luther, 2021 Extravaganza General Chairs, and Patty & Joe Novacek are the 2021 Extravaganza General Chairs. Jackie & John Woolway, who oversaw an especially challenging yet very successful Extravaganza 2020, have agreed to co-serve with Luther's and Novacek's.

*All songs from the musical Wicked and Wizard of Oz movie.
Class gift gathering parties, themes, and gift suggestions:
Thank you to Lacey & Chris Martin (sophomore gift gathering hosts), Shannon & Eric Scott (junior gift gathering hosts) and Jackie & John Woolway (senior gift gathering hosts). Thank you to all the co-hosts and attendees. The parties were extremely successful and well-attended.   
Each class is assigned a gift theme by the silent auction committee. These class gift themes are merely a suggestion for gifts to ensure that a variety of gifts are gathered. See the Gift Suggestions and Registry Link tab for ideas and the gift registry link.
A great way to meet new friends, work together with existing friends and help the students & coaches at Saint Thomas Aquinas is to volunteer during Extravaganza planning and setup. There are over 30 committees and a fit for every skillset from master organizer to creative table decorator. The jobs are broken down to be manageable and fun! Complete the Parent Volunteer form or contact Mary Luther, mltmw@yahoo.com Patty Novacek, pnovacek@hotmail.com or Jackie Woolway at jackiewoolway@gmail.com. Any of the General Chairs can help you determine which committee you would like to work on and make sure you are invited to the Extravaganza 2021 Kickoff Meeting in August!



Thank you to Michele Gress for donating her photography skills to document and remember Extravaganza 2020.