Gift Gathering Parties are scheduled with COVID precautions and required rsvp's. See your personal invitation and followup emails for more information, but mark your calendars now. These gatherings are great opportunities to meet & socialize with the parents in each of your student's classes and kick off the school year. Refer to the Gift Gathering tab for more information about how to donate to Extravaganza 2020.

Thursday, August 27 – Freshman Gift Gathering party in the commons

(same day as Freshman orientation) 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.


Saturday, September 26 – Sophomore Gift Gathering party @ the home of

Shannon & Richard Scott


Saturday, September 19 – Junior Gift Gathering @ the home of Mary & John Luther


Saturday, September 12 – Senior Gift Gathering @ the home of Kathy & Dennis White




Extravaganza 2020 General Co-Chairs are John & Mary Luther and Jackie & John Woolway.


They are anxious to unveil the Extravaganza theme at the Kickoff Meeting for the Extravaganza Steering Committee, scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th (invites w/rsvp will be emailed soon). If you are interested in being on the Extravaganza Steering Committee or volunteering for any event, signup on the 2020-21 Parent Volunteer Form and someone will call you soon. To discuss how you can help, contact Teresa Ahrens, @ tahrens@stasaints.net, 913.319.2475, Jackie Woolway, @ jackiwwoolway@gmail.com, 913.239.0637  or MaryLuther @ maryltmw@yahoo.com,913.780.5748 



Extravaganza 2019

On behalf of the Extravaganza General Chairs Lisa & Sean Gabel and Jackie & John Woolway, plus the steering committee, students, faculty & staff, Thank You, everyone, for making Extravaganza 2019 truly "A Night of Good Fortune". Net proceeds exceeded $300,000 and set a new school record.

For more photos visit the Extravaganza 2019 Shutterfly page.  Thank you to Michelle Gress & Bill Bins for donating their photography skills to document and remember Extravaganza 2019.