Welcome To Extravaganza 2022

“It Was a Very Good Year” for Extravaganza 2022. “Memories are Made of This” as the Saints community did it “My Way” to raise money and ensure student life activities are funded so the students can say “I’ve Gotta Be Me”.  From performing arts to club and athletics, every student benefits from the funds raised through Extravaganza and the Saints Annual Appeal.
Extravaganza could not succeed without the support of tireless volunteers, generous sponsors & donors, and enthusiastic guests. Thank you!
Thank you to John Burgess and the Saint band, Al Miner & the STA Halo, and Mrs. Paprocki. 
Thank you to the STA Halo Club, Mrs. Paprocki and Al Miner for creating and producing the “Class of 2023 Rat Pack at the Saints Hotel and Casino”.