New at Extravaganza this year.
Purchase a $100 chance to win YOUR pick of one of the 12 Live Auction or 9 Super Silent items. www.bidpal.net/theshowmustgoon
The winner will be notified by cellphone at 11:00 a.m. on Extravaganza day to select your item so it can be removed from the auction.
Everyone can participate virtually or in-person Extravaganza Registration outside Under the Big Top and in the Gym.
For details about the Main Event visit Extravaganza 2020 Details
The General Chairs and Advancement Office have been busy brainstorming for
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School's most important fundraiser.
Show your support during this unique & challenging time.
The Extravaganza is being planned with appropriate COVID precautions and limited attendance. Almost 500 parents attended the class parent gift gathering parties. If you were unable to attend and still want to donate, your item can be delivered to the main entrance between 8-3:30 p.m. when the students are in the school. Checks can be sent to the attention of the Advancement Office, Extravaganza.

Thank you to all the volunteers who kicked off Extravaganza at the Gift Gathering parties: Dr. Fallon and the General Co-Chairs, Jackie & John Woolway, and Mary & John Luther welcomed guests and shared the purpose of Extravaganza and the theme at all the parties.


Shannon & Eric Scott hosted the Sophomore class of parents, Mary & John Luther hosted the Juniors, and Kathy & Dennis White hosted the Senior. A record number of Freshman parents attended their class gift gathering in the Commons on Thursday, August 27th.


The parties would not have been successful without the oversight of Gift Gathering Co-Chairs Patty & Joe Novacek, and Liz & Mike Muckerman. A group of Class Rep couples organized each class party, and the co-hosting responsibility was shared by over 140 gift gathering co-hosts couples. Nancy Dennis and Lori Pudenz attended every class gift gathering party to collect, deliver, and catalog over 100 auction items.


A special thanks to all the donors and underwriters for your generous donations. All gifts over $75 will be entered into the $1,000 tuition voucher, and the winner will be announced at Extravaganza.


Watch for your personal invitation to Extravaganza and act quickly. 

Volunteers are needed for decorating and production. Signup here to get email invites to decorating workshops and production & setup times:

2020-21 Parent Volunteer Form



Extravaganza 2020 General Co-Chairs are John & Mary Luther and Jackie & John Woolway.


If you are interested in being on the Extravaganza Steering Committee or volunteering for any event, signup on the 2020-21 Parent Volunteer Form and someone will call you soon. To discuss how you can help, contact Teresa Ahrens, @ tahrens@stasaints.net, 913.319.2475, Jackie Woolway, @ jackiwwoolway@gmail.com, 913.239.0637  or MaryLuther @ maryltmw@yahoo.com,913.780.5748 



Extravaganza 2019

On behalf of the Extravaganza General Chairs Lisa & Sean Gabel and Jackie & John Woolway, plus the steering committee, students, faculty & staff, Thank You, everyone, for making Extravaganza 2019 truly "A Night of Good Fortune". Net proceeds exceeded $300,000 and set a new school record.

For more photos visit the Extravaganza 2019 Shutterfly page.  Thank you to Michelle Gress & Bill Bins for donating their photography skills to document and remember Extravaganza 2019.