November 2020 Parent Newsletter » Graduation Presentation

Graduation Presentation

During STA Period on Tuesday, Nov. 4, the Senior class will be listening to a presentation from Josten’s regarding Graduation announcements for the Class of 2021. If you are interested in purchasing Graduation announcements, please turn in order forms on Tuesday, Nov. 10th during lunch periods in the Commons (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.). Seniors who missed the meeting may pick up a Graduation announcement packet from the Main Office (Mrs. Holzmeister) between classes or after school.
As a reminder, parents have already paid for the Graduation cap, tassel and graduation gown rental for their Senior in the Orientation fees that were paid at the beginning of the school year. The gown sizes were recorded from a Google form that was sent by Brian Schenck to each student on Oct. 14. Again, you do not need to place an order for Graduation announcements to receive a Graduation gown, cap or tassel for graduation.
You will be notified by Josten’s approximately two weeks prior to the delivery date in the Spring. Jostens will send an itemized billing to your home so that you know the amount due, if any, to pay before announcements are delivered.
If you do not place an order for announcements, but decide later that you wanted to purchase them, you may order directly through For further information ordering online or for other questions regarding your Graduation announcements, please contact Mr. Jeff Heline at 785-843-2967 or email at [email protected]