February 2021 Parent Newsletter » Attendance at STA Sporting Events – UPDATED

Attendance at STA Sporting Events – UPDATED

What’s our Winter Sports Attendance policy during this year of COVID19?
It depends on current Kansas State High School Association guidelines, local public health guidelines and the facility.
Our sport events calendar is updated to indicate how many spectators may attend and if there is a Livestream option. Our sports events calendar may be found on our STA Website>>Athletic Schedule (aka rSchool sports calendar).
Effect 1/29/21, STA will allow STA participants to have up to 4 spectators for Home games. Visitors will be allowed up to 2 spectators.
What about Away games, can we attend those?
Each school has its own Attendance policy. For Away games, we are adding this information to STA Website>>Athletic Schedule (aka rSchool sports calendar).
Do I have to wear a mask if I attend a game?
Yes, a mask is required anywhere on campus.
Is Social Distancing required at games?
Yes, 6 feet social distancing is required between family groups.
Is temperature taking required?
At indoor games, it is required. There is a thermometer station in front of the Main Gym doors and it is required prior to entering the gym.
Do we have our games Livestreamed for those who can’t attend?
Our student HALO crew does an excellent job of livestream game coverage. Click Here
Or you may want to consider purchasing a monthly subscription to the NFHS Network. All sporting events at our STA Main Gym and Stadium may be viewed from the NFHS Network www.nfhsnetwork.com. In addition, many of the schools we play also have the NFHS Network setup. A subscription may be used to watch games hosted by any school that has the NFHS Network setup.