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Parent Guild Corner

We had 14 new families join Saint Thomas Aquinas this semester. We would like to welcome them to our community. We hope that second semester is starting off well for all of our students, faculty and families!
The Mother-Son Dance has been re-schedule to April 30th. The Father-Daughter Dance is scheduled for the next night; May 1st. Look for details regarding these events as they draw near.
We are seeking parents to join the 2021-22 STA Parent Guild Steering Committee!! The Saint Thomas Aquinas Parent Guild plans and implements events and programs, promotes Saint Thomas Aquinas to prospective families and enriches student experiences through our parent network all to build a community of Saints for our families and staff.
Being involved in the PG Steering Committee gives you an opportunity to meet other parents, staff, and families.
PG Steering Committees opportunities include:
  1. Parent Ambassadors: Represent & promote STA to prospective and current STA families. (Most Parent Guild Parent Ambassadors have a child(ren) both at Aquinas and in grade school.)
  2. Social Ambassadors: Plan social events & programs for our families. (Families with all children in all grades are welcome.)
If you would like more information or would like to be part of the 2021-22 Steering Committee, contact us at [email protected]!
Love conquers all!
Sara and Chris Nafus, Parent Guild Steering Committee Presidents
Jen and Greg Payne, Parent Guild Steering Committee Vice Presidents
[email protected]