February 2021 Parent Newsletter » Saints Chiller

Saints Chiller

Our students are taking their business simulation project to the next level by selling and marketing an actual product, the Saints Mini, Mini Fridge.
Money raised from selling the Saints Mini, Mini Fridge will help fund a project-based learning program where the intent is to give our students exposure to project management and gain experience in the areas that include but are not limited to Communication Management, Task Management, and Budget Management. The program would include bringing alumni back to campus to mentor and speak to groups about their area of expertise relevant to the project they're working on. The professional relationships and connections made between the students and alumni will be beneficial to the student's future careers. Professional development and leadership coaching will be woven into the project to increase confidence, work ethic, problem-solving skills, leadership skills and flexibility/adaptability.
Our hope is to begin piloting the project-based learning seminar in August 2021, but we need your help! Please consider purchasing a Saints Mini, Mini Fridge (or two, or three) to help us make this experience happen for our students. Questions? Contact Amber Schreiber - [email protected]