March 2021 Parent Newsletter » A Letter from Dr. Fallon

A Letter from Dr. Fallon

It is that dreaded time of year – new tuition rate! We have been working to keep the increase reasonable. Our 3.2% increase is the lowest among high schools in the area. Here is our rationale. There are two critical needs that must occur. First, our roof needs immediate work. Instead of placing the cost in one year, we are spreading it out over three years. Second, we must replace the lighting board in the theater. Many of you have asked about the blinking and flickering – a potential fire hazard. There are several other significant facilities projects. However, we will prioritize and address them using current budget allocations. Fortunately, our Board of Trustees has been highly supportive when authorizing funds for critical maintenance issues. They have carefully reviewed and approved this year’s tuition rate. The rate will increase by $350. Knowing that some of our families are experiencing significant hardship due to COVID challenges, the Board also approved an increase in financial aid for families with verifiable needs. Due to the generosity of many, we have Guardian Angel Funds available for families burdened by temporary, verifiable hardships (e.g., house fire, loss of an immediate family member, significant medical bills, hospitalization of student due to debilitating COVID-related psychological issues). We appreciate your commitment to a Catholic education for your children and will work with you to ensure that such a valuable option remains intact.

2021-2022 Tuition Rate:
In-parish rate: $11,200
Out-of-parish rate: $12,200
Family rate: $22,000 (in-parish), $24,000 (out-of-parish)
Seeking COVID Help from ALL!
In other news, we are seeing a spike in COVID positive cases (we dropped to two until shortly after Superbowl and Valentine’s Day when the rate shot back to 16 positives with another 12 quarantining). Please remind your students to help all Saints by making choices that keep everyone safe.
Preparing for Easter
Take a look at Archbishop Naumann’s series:
If our shard goal is to let Him rise within us, these weeks provide time to sort out and move “stuff” that prevents us from experiencing Him rising in our hearts, heads, and souls.