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Parent Guild Corner

Although we are still experiencing the pandemic, this school year has been flying by and spring sports are gearing up! We are looking forward to some warmer weather!
Remember to mark your calendar for the next Parent Guild-sponsored activities:
  • Mother/Son Dance Friday, April 30th
  • Father/Daughter Dance Saturday, May 1st.
As you know, a big asset for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School is our parent guild. As parents, we have first-hand knowledge of what an awesome high school Saint Thomas Aquinas is. Our students not only grow academically and socially but also spiritually through faith formation and moral development. We hope you inform your extended family, neighborhood friends, and parish acquaintances of the excellence of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School!
Our parent ambassadors have done a great job recruiting this year. STA already has 184 students committed for the fall!
Please consider being a part of the Parent Guild steering committee for the 2021-2022 school year. Being involved in the PG Steering Committee gives you an opportunity to meet other parents, staff, and families.
PG Steering Committee opportunities include:
  1. Parent Ambassadors: Represent & promote STA to prospective and current STA families. (Most Parent Guild Parent Ambassadors have a child(ren) both at Aquinas and in grade school.)
  2. Social Ambassadors: Plan social events & programs for our families. (Families with all children in all grades are welcome).
  3. New Family Mentor: Experienced Aquinas families welcome and communicate with families who are new to STA to help them become part of our Saints community.
If you would like more information or would like to be part of the 2021-2022 Steering Committee, contact us at [email protected]!
We wish you a very blessed Lenten season. Please remember Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in your prayers!
Love conquers all!

Sara and Chris Nafus, Parent Guild Steering Committee Presidents
Jen and Greg Payne, Parent Guild Steering Committee Vice Presidents
[email protected]