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Transfer Students


Transfer Student Policy

Students interested in transferring to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School as a freshman, sophomore or junior, may contact Diane Pyle, Director of Admissions at 913-319-2423 or to express your interest. We accept transfer students who have the intention of starting in August and January.  We do not accept students entering their senior year unless they have recently moved to the Overland Park area. Each transfer student is considered on a case by case basis. A student entering the senior year requesting a transfer may be allowed to transfer only after a personal meeting with the President and extraordinary circumstances are determined to exist. No senior student will be approved for transfer after the school year has begun.

For August enrollment - application must be submitted by August 3rd.

For January enrollment - application must be submitted by December 14th


Criteria that must be met before contacting the Admissions Office: 

  • You must be a student in good standing at your current school
  • You may not be failing any coursework from the most recent school. Saint Thomas Aquinas will not be responsible for supervising any needed credit recovery in order to complete our graduation requirements.
  • You must currently be on track for graduation
  • You must be carrying a minimum of 2.3/4.0 grade point average (83% on a percentile scale)
  • Any student who has been dismissed from their previous school will not be accepted under any circumstances. This also includes students who have been given the option to leave before any disciplinary or academic action is taken. 
  • All students requesting a transfer must be making reasonable progress towards graduation as outlined in the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Handbook. Any transfer approval is contingent on the receipt and verification of the final transcript from the most recent school.
Credit Requirements:
  • Students requesting a transfer in January of their freshman year must have accumulated 3.5 credits
  • 10th grade - a student must have a minimum of 7 academic credits
  • January transfer - 10th grade must have a minimum of 10.5 credits
  • 11th grade - a student must have a minimum of 14 academic credits
  • January transfer 11th grade - must have a minimum of 17.5 credits 
  • 12th grade - a student must have a minimum of 20 academic credits

Step two:


  • Submit your current school transcript either by fax (913-345-2319) or scan and email to to ensure that Aquinas can academically accommodate you. This document must show classes completed, grades and credit received. During first semester a student must also provide a current progress report
  • Any student applying to transfer to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School from another Catholic and/or Private School in the Kansas City Metro must provide verification from their current school's Principal or President on school letterhead indicating the following: (name) has indicated a desire to transfer to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. I confirm that he/she is a student in good standing at _____________High School and is welcome and eligible to return here as a student without reservation or qualification.
  • Once we receive your records and determine you can be successful at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, Our President, Dr. Ford will approve your transfer.
  • We reserve the option to contact your current school to make sure you are a student in good standing.
  • At this point, we will begin the transfer student admissions process which includes an optional shadow day.


Step three:


  • A student may enroll through link sent to you via email
  • Complete the enrollment form
  • Pay the required fees
  • Set up tuition payment
  • Set up an appointment with Deb Castinado, Academic Counselor to select classes
  • Purchase uniform
  • Setup student email
  • Set up family skyward accounts
  • Register student device