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Senior Testimonies

Faith at Saint Thomas Aquinas is at the center of everything we do, whether in the classroom, on the field, or in the hallways. It is the foundation of our school, and Aquinas does an excellent job of putting its students' relationship with God first. I can see the faculty and staff's dedication to helping all students understand and live out the Catholic faith daily. Aquinas offers incredible opportunities to help incorporate your faith into your daily life. Thanks to Aquinas, I can go to Mass and Adoration throughout the whole school year, which has helped me grow exponentially in my faith. The theology teachers genuinely have helped me excel in learning about life and Christ and how to live out my Catholic faith. Not only does Aquinas present such a prayerful and loving community, it creates a welcoming environment to completely transform your faith and turn to God, who has love that truly can conquer all. 
Mallory Farrar - Nativity - Saints Class of 2022
High school is a time of revelations, especially religious ones. And especially in today's world, it's essential to grow up with Catholic values. The lessons we learn, the habits we develop today are carried with us for the rest of our lives; we ought to make them good ones. Being in a community that accepts and encourages us to grow in faith is crucial to making this happen. For me, learning history, English, literature, and math, yes, math, from a Catholic perspective, will stick with me for a long time, something that I couldn't have gotten anywhere else. 
Thomas  Kluck - Holy Trinity - Saints Class of 2022 
From the first moment you step into Saint Thomas Aquinas, you can sense a feeling of accomplishment. It could be from the hallways where students work diligently or the gym where the State banners hang. Whatever it may be, there is a feeling that excellence is being achieved. Students are held to a higher standard and given every tool and assistance they need to succeed. They are refusing to settle, as led to astounding achievements in the classroom and on the field. Each day is an opportunity to become the best version of yourself, and I genuinely believe that being at Aquinas has guided me in this. Each day I become more empowered by my classmates, teachers, and the precedent that thousands of outstanding students have set before me.
Elizabeth Mark - Good Shepherd - Saints Class of 2022 
At Saint Thomas Aquinas, excellence doesn’t just mean being the best at everything. Excellence is helping you become the best person you can be and finding ways to do so. In academics, not a single teacher would turn away a student seeking help. Each staff member wants these students to have all of the materials to reach their full potential. In other activities, like athletics, even if you do not know a single thing, the coaches will help guide you in the activity you choose. The focus is not just whether you get straight A’s or win every game. At Aquinas, excellence means reaching the goals you set for yourself and even passing them to help you be excellent at being you.
Kristen Strathman - Holy Trinity - Saints Class of 2022 
The community at Saint Thomas Aquinas is the first thing that stood out to me as unique when I came to this school. When I walked in, I felt something different about the community here than at any other school. The faculty and staff care so much for all students, not just academically but in each student's overall well-being. At STA, someone will always be there for you. Friendships between the students at our school are solid as they are rooted in the values encouraged at Aquinas, most notably in the love of Jesus Christ. Many people told me before I started at STA that it would become a second home to me, and it most definitely has. I have made the most amazing friends I could ask for, I have met some of the most influential people in my life, and I know there is always someone I can turn to in the Saint Thomas Aquinas community.
Emily Eckerberg - Prince of Peace - Saints Class of 2022
The Saint Thomas Aquinas community is a product of years of a solid commitment to excellence and rich traditions. Students from diverse backgrounds bring their thoughts, feelings, and experiences into the classroom and activities. Teachers actively cultivate respectful, supportive relationships among students by going beyond just lecturing and grading papers. These supportive relationships help parents take active roles in school activities and their children’s education. STA prides itself on maintaining a sense of inclusion where students feel accepted, valued, and safe, and the school itself evolves to meet the changing needs of the times. With all of this put together, STA’s community feels more like a family in that we encourage everyone to do their best, celebrate achievements and support each other through tough times. Amor Vincit Omnia.
Carson Becker - Good Shepherd - Saints Class of 2022
Saint Thomas Aquinas makes it a priority to encourage students to go out into the community and positively influence life. Many students go above and beyond for their service requirements, and Aquinas makes it known to each student they have the capacity to bring Christ's love to others through small acts of kindness. I think the most crucial lesson Aquinas has taught me, for instance, is that you can perform incredible acts of love through little actions and gestures each day. Aquinas wants us to learn that service does not have to be grandiose (Any act of service is terrific). Still, you can perform incredible acts of love through small actions, which is the foundation for performing more extraordinary acts of love. Sometimes the minor details or gestures can make the most significant impact on someone else. 
Cameron Elias - St. Michael the Archangel - Saint Class of 2022
Giving back to the community is an intrinsic core value of what it takes to be a Saint at Saint Thomas Aquinas. The moment students enroll, they are surrounded by opportunities to share their gifts and talents with those who need our help. Aquinas also always finds a way to make service hours fun and engaging through games or group events where many students participate, like the annual walk for life or any event found in Key Club. And by representing the entirety of STA, each student holds power to promote the virtues and values taught at our great establishment and let everybody know that Saint Thomas Aquinas is a home for everyone.
Nathan Tai - Ascension - Saints Class of 2022

Why Saint Thomas Aquinas 
From the second one steps onto Saint Thomas Aquinas grounds, one can feel the aura of excellence radiating throughout the school. At Aquinas, faculty and students alike carry a sense of unspoken pride on their shoulders, knowing that everything we do inside our walls truly strives for complete and total excellence. At Aquinas, excellence has equaled success on and off the field. In the athletic sense, coaches push their athletes to go above and beyond mediocrity. In the academic sense, teachers encourage their students to do more than what is expected of them. This culture of excellence established at Aquinas benefits students even after graduation as striving for excellence has become second nature to them. 
Isabella Earp - Sacred Heart of Jesus - Saints Class of 2022
I decided to come to Aquinas because I had heard fantastic things about it. I remembered when I shadowed; I thought this was the place that I wanted to be. Saint Thomas Aquinas has been one of the biggest blessings in my life, and I am so happy that I have been fortunate enough to come to a school like this. I will always be grateful. 
Ann Cole  - California Trail Middle School - Saints Class of 2022

If I had to go back and choose again where to go to high school, I would not debate for even a second going to Saint Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas is a community of faith, service, and excellence all wrapped into one. It offers a sense of belonging and has a welcoming atmosphere. As soon as you walk in the doors, you know you are where you belong. You will find exceptional academics and state-winning athletics that you can't find anywhere else. You will grow a personal relationship with your teachers, and you know they want you to succeed. The community is uplifting and positive and feels like a family. Through Aquinas, you can grow your faith life and establish a personal relationship with God. The moment I shadowed, I instantly knew I would be coming to Aquinas. I can't precisely describe what I felt, but it was a sense of belonging. I felt like something was pulling me to Aquinas, and I knew I would be at home. Going into my senior year, I can genuinely say it was the best decision I made.
Ella Douglas - Leawood Middle School - Saints Class of 2022
Saint Thomas Aquinas is an excellent school for so many reasons. It feels like one big family, and we all work together to make it an outstanding school. The teachers and students both respect each other, and it feels like home to me. I cannot imagine spending my high school time anywhere else, and I am grateful to have the blessing of going here. Everyone is accepted and loved, and there are different opportunities and ways to get involved so every student at Aquinas can meet new people and grow. You change a lot during high school, and STA is so supportive and helpful to each individual, making it the best place to grow up. 
Rylee Best - Good Shepherd - Saints Class of 2022
Saint Thomas Aquinas is an extraordinary place. There is no doubt that Aquinas has a fantastic community that will give your child a second family. Aquinas will always show its core values of excellence, service, community, and faith to its students. Aquinas challenges their students and pushes them to be the best they can be while also helping them along the way. Service teaches kids how important it is to provide for the community and help others who are less fortunate. The community is like no other. It is a loving environment that you cannot get anywhere else. Aquinas makes sure that their students will stay true to their faith throughout high school and beyond. Aquinas will provide the best four years of your life with unforgettable experiences. Aquinas will make your child a true saint so they can take on the future with their head held high.
Kaylien Do - Holy Trinity - Saints Class of 2022
Saint Thomas Aquinas offers something to match any student's interest while also helping them excel academically and grow in their faith. Aquinas chooses staff and teachers who want to see you surpass all the expectations or goals you have set for yourself as a high school student. They will help guide you along the best path for your unique experience. They will give you the resources to grow in your faith life because faith is at the center of everything we do at Aquinas. The community will have your back not only while you attend Aquinas but even after you graduate. High school is busy, confusing, exciting, and new, but Aquinas offers a strong foundation for any student to stand on. 
Alexa Gomez - Holy Spirit - Saints Class of 2022
The Saint Thomas Aquinas community has a particular way of intertwining faith into everything we do. Students live out their faith daily, as we feel God's presence everywhere. We show our faith through our actions and our words. The minute you step through the doors, you can feel it here. I believe that it is our faith that makes Aquinas feel like a home. 
Josephine Burrell - Holy Rosary - Wea - Saints Class of 2022
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School is not just an ordinary place where students receive information about the different subjects. Instead, it is an experience for those who attend to enjoy. At Aquinas, we all act like family, showcasing our God-given talents and putting aside our differences to come together and share in the glory of God. Almost everyone gets involved, and the school spirit shown around the school is tremendous, especially during Homecoming Week. 
Students are always filled with excitement and determination throughout the halls to achieve their goals and gain valuable knowledge to take and implement outside the classrooms. At Aquinas, we love to come together as a community and share that love with others through service projects, social and sporting events, and in our regular classes because the everlasting love at STA will conquer all.
Carson Becker - Good Shepherd - Saints Class of 2022

Some schools are good in certain areas, but what separates Saint Thomas Aquinas is its commitment to success in every area. Teachers, coaches, and everyone apart of the administration do their part to better the school. Each has a passion for their work and shows it in the way they treat the students. The students have pride in STA, and there is a sense of community that is infectious. Students can be challenged as much as they want to and be prepared for college. There is a family atmosphere where everyone is included that can't be found anywhere else! 
Colin Davis - Holy Cross - Saints Class of 2022