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How Do We Welcome Our Freshmen?

How do we welcome our freshmen?
There are a number of events that we have at Saint Thomas Aquinas to help our freshmen feel "at home".
  1.  If a freshman has been attending a public school or a smaller partner school they are invited to attend "Summer Transition Day". This day is also for students who transfer from other schools over the summer. This half-day event in the summer is a great way to get these students acclimated to our school. We do fun interactive games, go on a scavenger hunt, have small group question and answer sessions, discuss our traditions, and have lunch.
  2. The next event is our "Freshmen Bash". This takes place at a park in Lenexa. All incoming freshmen are invited to attend this getting to know you event. We play games, have ice cream and every student is challenged to meet 15 new friends. Every year a senior will say "I met my best friend at the Freshmen Bash"! This fun evening event is a great way to meet your new classmates. At the same time, a Moms Bash and Dads Bash are going on down the street so that new parents can meet each other too!
  3. Our freshmen orientation is a BIG DEAL at Saint Thomas Aquinas! The students meet key freshmen moderators, set up their accounts, go through their class schedule, have lunch, and then spend the afternoon getting to know each other. We play games, meet with their mentors in a small group setting and end the day with a pep rally where they learn cheers and traditions. We hope you will be here to experience this fun day!
  4. We have juniors who mentor all of our freshmen during seminar time. This program begins at orientation and continues all year. The seniors assigned to each freshman help them to acclimate to our school, answer all of their questions, and help them to become involved in extracurricular activities.
  5. We encourage all freshmen to become involved in some extracurricular activity. We have all of the competitive sports teams you could desire and many clubs to get involved in. Over 85% of our students are involved in some sport or activity.
  6. In January, we have our freshmen retreat. This spiritual retreat gets all students involved in their faith and helps them to discover how Jesus works in their life.
  7. We have several "Freshmen Only" events throughout the year that allow our students to bond and get to know each other.
As you can see we help the freshmen every step of the way to feel welcome in our community. Here, at Saint Thomas Aquinas, where you will know everyone and everyone will know you, you can find out who you are. Your teachers and your friends become a family to guide you, show you, help you along your path.
We hope you will join us here at Saint Thomas Aquinas because YOU belong here!