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New Family Q & A

New Family Question and Answers
If there are any other questions you have, please contact us at 913.319-2423.
Receiving Information:
What information should I be getting from school?
At a minimum, you should be receiving a Parent Newsletter once a month in your mailbox. You will also receive other information, such as invitations to parties and events.  Please keep your email address current.
Who do I contact if I change my address, email address, or am not receiving any information from the school?
Contact Michelle Holzmeister in the Academic Principal’s Office at 913.319.2408 or [email protected].
How do I contact teachers or staff members?
Go to the Teacher Page or the Staff Page to find out how to reach any teacher or staff member via email or phone number.
What happens on Orientation Day?
Students during Orientation will pay book fees, take their school pictures, create their email address and computer login, and be assigned their lockers. Students will also receive their class schedule, and freshmen will walk through a mock school day to find all of their classes and meet their teachers.
What do students wear to Orientation in August?
Students are not required to wear their uniforms to orientation. The dress is business casual. Jeans, t-shirts, shorts, and flip-flops are NOT allowed. Boys should have their hair cut appropriately and be properly shaved. Girls should be dressed modestly, with no bare midriff or cleavage showing.
Where do I drop my student off for Orientation and the first day of school?
For Orientation, freshmen should come through the circle drive on the south side of the school. For the first day of school, drop off your student on the north side of the school by the Commons doors.
What kind of volunteer activities are available at the school?
Parent volunteers are essential to our school community, and every parent is encouraged to become involved somehow. There are many volunteer opportunities at Saint Thomas Aquinas, assisting with special events such as Extravaganza and serving on Parent Guild and Mothers’ Club to assist with individual athletics and organizations.
How do I volunteer?
Fill out the volunteer sign-up sheet that you receive in the July Back-To-School mailing. You can also sign up online at
Physical Forms:
When do I have to turn in the physical form?
Saint Thomas Aquinas MUST have a copy of the athlete’s physical on file before he/she can begin practice.
When do I have the physical done?
The physical is a yearly exam and has to be dated after May 1.
Where can I get a copy of the physical?
Either drop by the Activities office or go to to download the form.
Schedules and classes:
Who do I contact regarding schedules?
Contact Academic Counseling at 913.319.2456 for any questions regarding schedules or transcripts.
Who do I contact with concerns regarding teachers and classes?
Contact Principal of Academic Services, Dr. Mike Sullivan at 913.319.2420 or Brian Schenck 913.319.2420 or Craig Moss 913.319.2422, with any concerns regarding academic issues.
Getting in and out of the school building during school hours:
What do I do if I need to drop something off during school hours?
Saint Thomas Aquinas does have an automatic security system that will lock the building 10 minutes after school starts and opens again when school is over. If you need to visit the school during school hours, come to the main entrance on the Southside of the school. Please come in and give the person your name and proceed to check-in.
What do we do if my student will be late for school or has to leave early?
Contact Karen Frederick in the Office at 913.319.2415 if you are going to be late or need to leave early. If you come in late, your student must be buzzed at the south entrance and check-in at the Office. If they need to leave early, they must check out with the Office before they leave.