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The Counseling Office

The Aquinas counseling department is split into specialized roles. Similar to how doctors have specialties because one doctor cannot be an adequate expert at everything, our counselors are experts in their domain. They also split up responsibilities for testing, course selections, and schedule changes.

Patty Jordanp

Charlie Lamontc

Deb Castinado


Matt Hallauer


Laura Oliva


Liz Majors



Director of Special Services

Academic Counselor



Director of College Placement

-Alumni transcript requests

-Transfer transcript requests

-Coordinates Catholic School Student Support Plans (CSSSPs, formerly known as 504s or IEPs)

-Teaches Guided Studies

-Supervises the testing room during STA Period

-Monitors academic probation issues, CAPS, graduation requirements, and credit recovery contracts

-Sets up schedules for transfer students

-Leads suicide prevention programs and mental health initiatives, including peer mentor and peer outreach programs

-Career exploration

-Leads College & Career Planning curriculum and presentations

-Coordinates teacher recommendation letters and Naviance

-Guides students through the process to obtain merit awards



  Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors
Academic Issues Charlie Lamont Laura Oliva Matt Hallauer Deb Castinado
Course Changes Matt Hallauer Laura Oliva Liz Majors Deb Castinado
Course Enrollment Presentations & Questions Laura Oliva & Kara DiCarlo Liz Majors & Matt Hallauer Deb Castinado & Craig Moss  
Test When Led by
High School Placement 8th grade, winter Deb Castinado
PreACT All freshmen and sophomores in February Matt Hallauer
PSAT Some sophomores and all juniors in October Matt Hallauer
School-Day ACT All juniors in March Liz Majors
Advanced Placement Some juniors and some seniors, April Liz Majors
Saturday ACT Some juniors and some seniors throughout the year Deb Castinado
All accommodation requests all ages Charlie Lamont
The counseling office is located halfway between the Main Office and Senior Hall, by the wall of windows that looks out on the circle drive. counseling office location
While the counseling department tries to be helpful, some questions are better suited for other departments. Please check the Staff Directory if you have questions about attendance, business, cafeteria, campus ministry, clubs, curriculum, discipline, enrollment, financial aid, giving, the learning commons, the nurse, the Spirit Shop, or technology issues, and other situations.