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Transition to High School

Transitioning from a public school at the start of ninth grade or attending Saint Thomas Aquinas for the first time as a sophomore, junior or senior can be stressful. In early August, the Counseling Office and the Admissions office sponsor a half-day orientation for new students to become acquainted with a few Saint Thomas Aquinas students. This session is designed to be fun while familiarizing new students with the building, Aquinas traditions and activities, and allowing them to ask any questions they may have. They also get to meet the other students who are transferring.
In addition, the Counseling Office counselors meet one-on-one with these new students to see how they are progressing with friendships and involvement in Aquinas community. If a new student arrives after school begins, the Counseling Office matches them with a current student who walks them to their classes and introduces them to classmates.