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Peer Helpers/Mediators

Peer Helpers/Mediators
Peer Helpers
These students were nominated by their classmates to be specially trained to help their peers deal with difficulties. Peer Helpers meet one-on-one with students to help them explore options for overcoming challenges. These sessions are confidential. Students can request to see a Peer Helper through Student Formation.
Peer Mediators
These students are a select group of Peer Helpers who have received additional training in mediation. They meet with two students who are having a conflict and try to help these students come up with an agreement that both can live with to remedy the situation. Students can sign up for these sessions in Student Formation. These sessions are also confidential.Both peer helpers and peer mediators will refer any student or situation that they believe needs more professional assistance to a school counselor.
Peer Mentors
These students are juniors or seniors who were selected to mentor small groups of freshmen. They meet with them at Freshman Orientation and then continue to meet with them on a regular basis.