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Attendance during COVID

Attendance at STA Sporting Events – Frequently Asked Questions
What’s our Attendance policy during this year of COVID19?
It depends on the facility and the sport. We are trying to stay within 20-25% of the Occupancy of the facility.
  • • For Varsity Football we are allowing Football Players to bring 3 of their immediate family, and then Cheer, Dance and Band students may bring 2 of their immediate family.
  • For Varsity Soccer we are allowing Soccer Players to bring 5 of their immediate family. Cheer and Dance may also bring 5 of their immediate family.
  • For Varsity Volleyball we are allowing Volleyball Players to bring 5 of their immediate family.
  • For Visitors for these Varsity sports, we allow 2 fans for each player. No Visiting Cheer teams are allowed.
For non-Varsity games, the participating students’ immediate family is allowed to attend. Exception: When a JV team (i.e. Soccer and Volleyball) plays prior to the Varsity team, the above number of immediate family restrictions applies.
Are STA students allowed to attend games?
Only if they are in the immediate family. Otherwise, there are no students allowed to attend games.
We did allow 100 Seniors to attend a September Football game. The Seniors signed up via Sign-up Genius. When our COVID-19 positive cases are minimal, we may allow a certain number of Seniors to attend another Varsity Football game(s), again via a Sign-up Genius.
What about Away games, can we attend those?
Each school has it’s own Attendance policy. For Away games, we are adding this information to our online rSchool sports calendar. Also, we are notifying the team families when we find out the information.
Some of the Missouri schools are not allowing any spectators. The Blue Valley School District will allow up to 4 immediate family members to attend. Blue Valley schools require the list of immediate family members prior, we utilize the google form information that parents completed for their son/daughter’s respective sports team.
Do I have to wear a mask if I attend a game?
Yes, a mask is required anywhere on campus. For outdoor events, once seated in the stands, you may remove your mask.
Is Social Distancing required at games?
Yes, 6 feet social distancing is required between family groups.
Is temperature taking required?
At indoor games, it is required. There is a thermometer station in front of the Main Gym doors and it is required prior to entering the gym.
Do we have our games Livestreamed for those who can’t attend?
Our student HALO crew does an excellent job of livestream game coverage. Click Here
Please watch your emails for a NFHS Network subscription option to watch any game played in the Main Gym and Stadium. We will be sending that information out soon!