April 2021 Parent Newsletter » A Letter from Dr. Fallon

A Letter from Dr. Fallon

fallonGetting ready to wish our seniors well! At times, the year stood still. Now, with Spring upon us, it is time to give 12th graders their wings. In a year of COVID restrictions, I am happy to see that some activities were able to occur. Seniors have some shared memories that are not COVID-based.
A quick observation about life after graduation… Parents, it is our hope that you will have time to talk with your senior about the process of leaving Saint Thomas Aquinas and extending themselves into whatever is next in their valuable, capable, and significant lives. Specifically, newly matriculated seniors/now college freshman or military, or workforce members tend to enter into a sort of “funk.” Since they no longer identify as a high school senior and have yet to literally become a college student, former seniors exist in the space between without an identity. It is awkward yet necessary. In time, they shed the high school “way of knowing and being.” College encourages a re-defining of self. If the opportunity presents itself, please invite your senior into some talk about the transition. Ideally, it can normalize a natural process.
Spring has invited a highly vibrant campus! When I leave in the evening, the javelin throwers are on the front lawn. All the fields are occupied with highly energetic student-athletes striving to build a successful season, the theater is alive with rehearsals, and soon-to-be newly elected student council members are cleverly plotting their campaigns.
Regarding our Leadership 100 seminar, students are ready to meet with Senator Moran on the steps of the U.S. Capitol and then enjoy dinner in Quantico, VA, with a Marine General Officer – all to hear first-hand how leading is accomplished in high tempo situations. Their case study work may take on a special twist – Operation Leo Brown. Many of you know our Theology teacher, Mr. Brown. He is also in the Air Force reserves, currently deployed in the Middle East. Our L100 case study, this semester, may be organizing 200 care packages for his Airmen and sending them.
Soon, you should be receiving a letter inviting your support of the Saints Annual Appeal. To keep our extracurricular programs growing, your support is essential. We thank you in advance for your ongoing significant backing.
On a fun note, the golf classic is being planned. Stay tuned for more details!!!!
May the beauty and splendor of the Risen Christ fill your hearts, souls, and actions this day and always.
Dr. Fallon