May 2021 Parent Newsletter » Key Club Board Members

Key Club Board Members

Key Club Board for 2021-2022

This past year has been a tough one for our Key Club. Covid kept us from doing some of our favorite volunteer projects, but many of our members still found the time to be involved in the activities we were able to do. A special thanks to all of our senior members who showed up for the limited projects, especially our board members Temi Akinwuntan and Sameera Elmasri, senior class reps, Board Secretary Hattie Bishop, and President Savannah Bittner!
And now the Board for the upcoming school year - these young men and women graciously agreed to serve on either the District Board or our club's Board.
Co-Presidents Kaylien Do and Matt Holzmeister
Vice President Mary Kate Phelan
Secretary Mathias Glickley
Treasurer Emily Eckerberg
Editor Janie Krumm
Web Master Ella Hoffman
Senior Class Reps Olivia White and Emily Jurgensmeyer
Junior Class Rep Turner Cuellar
Sophomore Class Rep Anna Rhodus
Division 9 Lieutenant Governor Brandy Herhusky (state level position)
District Board Governor Tim Theisen (state level position)
This Key Club is looking forward to getting back to what we do best: serving the Kansas City community!