May 2021 Parent Newsletter » Letter from Dr. Fallon

Letter from Dr. Fallon

Good people of Saint Thomas Aquinas,
Our academic year ends soon. Seniors will be given “wings.” As the Class of 2021 matriculates into college and beyond, we extend our appreciation for their many accomplishments while sustaining the traditions our Christ-centered, Catholic community values. It is our hope that they will contribute to society’s need for ethical and integrity-minded leaders. Each is amazing in her/his own way.
Rising seniors have sensed their call to lead. Of import, 184 juniors have already expressed interest in completing a Kairos retreat! This tells us that the Holy Spirit is moving in our rising seniors and, in turn, they wish to develop their relationships with Christ.
Recently, we witnessed 9th-11th grade students assembling 186 care packages for Air Force reservists in the Middle East. These same Leadership 100 students visited with Sen. Moran on the steps of the Capitol. According to the Senator, we were the first student group allowed in almost two years. That night, the group of 34 students along with chaperones Dr. Beck, Mrs. Doerfler, and Mr. Mauk, were engaged in conversation with Colonel Schmidt, the Commanding Officer of The Basic School (where all Marine Corps officers learn to be infantry officers). The Col. informed the group that “service” is the intent of new Marine officers he is training and commended STA for making “love” its intent.
A heart-felt thank you is extended to our retirees this year: Mrs. Mayfield, Mrs. Akright, Mr. Shriver, Miss Burgess, and Mrs. Sturges. We thank God for them. Each has been a blessing to Saint Thomas Aquinas HS as they touched the hearts of hundreds and invited deep and broad learning over many years of faithful service. Our prayers will surround you in your retirement!
New faces at STA next year: Mrs. DiCarlo will be an Assistant Principal; Mr. Wrigley will become the Dean of Students and be a co-Assistant Athletic Director; Mr. Fox will be our Athletic/Activities Director; Mr. Curran will be our Assistant Athletic/Activities Director; Mr. Miner will be our Director of Technology; Mr. Parsons will teach Technology; Mrs. Waldron will take over Family and Consumer Science; Miss Lobmeyer will teach Theology; Ms. Schmitz will teach English and take over Yearbook and Newspaper; Ms. Follis will teach English; Mr. Radetic will teach Business; and Mr. Blaise will teach Social Studies.
As your student prepares to unwind a bit during the summer, we hope s/he will reflect on how much was accomplished in a year marked by so many unknowns. Your child’s resolve to be victorious over many COVID threats says volumes about her or his mettle. That commitment also shows us that you have raised your child to overcome odds, set priorities, finish what they started, and be relentless when pursuing their own potential. Thank you for sharing your child with us at STA. You matter!!
All of us wish you a safe and relaxing summer. We will be praying for you!