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President Position

President Position at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School (Overland Park, Kansas)
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School located in Overland Park, Kansas, is in search for the next President who will begin the job on July 1, 2020. The school seeks a dynamic, inspirational, visionary leader who is a practicing Catholic and committed to the mission and core values of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
The primary function of the President is to provide both spiritual and educational leadership for the school’s achievement of its mission as a Catholic High School. By communicating the mission and vision of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School clearly and enthusiastically, by delegating responsibility and authority appropriately to others and calling them to accountability, and by prudent and pragmatic strategic planning and decision making, the President works tirelessly to lead all members of the school community to realize their full potential in helping carry out the mission, philosophy and core values of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
Saint Thomas Aquinas was established in 1988 at 114th and Pflumm Road, but traces its roots back to St. Joseph Parish High School in Shawnee, Kansas. It is an Archdiocesan sponsored coed high school of 930 students located in Overland Park, Kansas. Although the critical mass of students come from the seven surrounding Catholic elementary schools, a typical incoming ninth grade class attracts students from over 42 different junior high schools from across the Kansas City metro. The students represent a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, with ethnic minorities representing 20% of the student body. 11% of all students are non-Catholic. Typically, 33% of all families receive some financial assistance to attend Saint Thomas Aquinas High School totaling just under $1.6 million.
Over the past three years, Saint Thomas Aquinas completed the Aquinas 2020 Campaign resulting in $6.2 million of renovation including a fitness center, a state of the art learning commons, innovation laboratory classroom space, a reconfigured administrative and counseling office center, two physics laboratories and renovation of the locker room and athletic training space. An additional gymnasium was added in 2003. Six science classrooms were renovated in 2006 along with the 112 seat Chapel of the Immaculate Conception as part of the Faith and Reason Campaign. The on-site stadium was renovated to include an additional 1,000 seats on the east side and artificial turf in 2012.
Saint Thomas Aquinas has been on the leading edge of technology innovation and was the first school in Kansas City to become completely wireless. Most classrooms are outfitted with the state of the art technology and in 2014-2015, Saint Thomas Aquinas instituted its BYOD computer program incorporating platforms for both Apple and Microsoft computers.
Faith Formation and service to the community are integrated into the curriculum as critical part of the mission. Typically, at the conclusion of their senior year, the students would have collectively given over 35,000 hours of community service. Each class takes part in a class retreat culminating with the three-day Kairos retreat for the seniors. The core principal of the spiritual program is to help all students grow closer to Christ over their four years.
With an average ACT score consistently over 25, Saint Thomas Aquinas has a strong curricular emphasis in college prep. In the Class of 2019, 37 of 245 graduates scored over 30 on the ACT. To help families in the college selection process, the Director of College Placement works with students and families in securing placement and scholarships last year at over 67 colleges and universities around the country. The Class of 2019 secured collectively over $13.4 million in scholarships.
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School works with young people with a broad range of academic abilities. The Director of Student Services coordinates 504 plans for around 8% of the student body. The school was selected as a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 2012 by the United States Department of Education and was honored by the Kansas State Department of Education for the Governor’s Achievement award for seven straight years for scoring in the top 5% of all Kansas High Schools in both Reading and Mathematics on the Kansas Assessment tests.
The students at Saint Thomas Aquinas can take part in over 40 different activities and organizations throughout the school. Roughly 85% of all the students are involved in some extra- or co-curricular activity. There are 18 varsity athletic programs and 4 different club programs, including Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse, Boys’ Volleyball and Rugby. The Saint Thomas Aquinas athletic teams have won over 108 state championships in KSHSAA sponsored activities in the 31 year history of the school.
In addition to athletics, the fine arts program includes 4 different choirs, two band programs and a comprehensive theater program. All theater productions are held in a 500-seat theater and the musical usually includes almost 80 student in the production in the late fall.
Candidates are asked to submit the following to the Presidential Search Committee:
  • Cover letter noting interest and qualifications for serving as President of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
  • A current resume
  • Copies of educational credentials
  • Names of three personal/professional references (upon request)
  • Complete the online application with the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
Except for the online application, please send the above to:
President Search Committee
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
11411 Pflumm Road
Overland Park, Kansas 66215
(913) 319-2404
Applications Due: January 3, 2020
Interview Process: February/March 2020
Final Interviews/Selection: March/April 2020
Start Date: July 1, 2020
Link to Saint Thomas Aquinas website: www.stasaints.net
Link to archdiocesan employee application: www.archkck.org/schools/home

Direct Reports: The President recruits, selects and supervises the following:
  • Comptroller
  • Director of Building and Grounds
  • Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
  • Principal(s)
  • Director of Student Activities
  • Director of Student Recruitment
  • Director of Little Saints Day School
  • President’s Office Manager
Liaison: The President is the official liaison to the following:
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas Board of Trustees
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School, Inc.
  • Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas
  • Saint Thomas Aquinas Parent Guild
  • Eastern Kansas League
  • Kansas State High School Activities Association
  • All school programs and personnel
  • Internal/External Catholic Identity
  • Establishing a vision for the school
  • Branding/Public Relations/Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Legal Issues
  • Policy and Procedures
  • Contracts for teachers and other certified personnel
  • Provide for financial resources for the operation of the school
    • Operational Budgets
    • Advancement and other fundraising
    • Stewardship
    • Capital Projects/Funding
  • Financial Assistance Budgeting and Processing
  • Personnel management
    • Hiring
    • Retention
    • Supervision of the direct reports
Job Description and responsibilities of President of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
The President of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School is the Chief Executive Officer and is hired by the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Board of Trustees with the approval of the Archbishop of Kansas City in Kansas. The President reports to the Board of Trustees.
The President is responsible for implementing the policies of the Board of Trustees and the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas. The President oversees the operations of the President’s office, the general operations of the school, the school’s finances, the advancement and fundraising, the school’s marketing, branding and public relation’s program, alumni relations and the maintenance and care of the physical plant.
The President…
  • Ensures the Catholic character of the school is developed, evaluated and promoted among all constituents of the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Community;
  • Hires, supervises, evaluates, sets compensation levels and dismisses the Principals, Director of Activities, Comptroller, Executive Director of Institutional Advancement, Director of Student Recruitment, Director of Building and Grounds, Director of Little Saints Day School and all who are included in the President’s staff;
  • Ensures the implementation of the policies of the Board of Trustees and the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas;
  • Communicates with the Board of Trustees about the state of the school;
  • Coordinates the implementation of the Board approved Strategic Plan;
  • Coordinates the implementation of the Building Maintenance Plan;
  • Is responsible for managing all legal affairs and matters affecting the school;
  • Oversees all financial planning and operations for the school;
  • Approves budget and expenditures for Academic Departments, Activities and Staff Development
  • Approves budget, expenditures and projects for the Advancement office
  • Approves budget, expenditures and capital projects for Building and Grounds and Maintenance
  • Oversees capital budget planning;
  • Seeks counsel of the Board for investment policy and decisions;
  • Works to enlist the interest and financial support from benefactors, alumni, parents and the public at large;
  • Oversees the student recruitment efforts; and
  • Represents the school to the general public, especially at significant events in the lives of the students, parents, alumni and benefactors;
Qualities for the President of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
The primary purpose of the office of President is to provide both the spiritual and educational leadership necessary for Saint Thomas Aquinas High School to advance its mission and core values. The President works to lead all members of the school community to their full potential in helping them to carry out our mission.
The following are qualities of the President of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School:
Authentic Role Model
  • A perceived personal and professional commitment to Catholic Gospel values
  • A person who lives out his/her values and leads by example
  • A professional with a sound educational philosophy
  • A person of compassion and pastoral sensitivity
Spiritual Commitment
  • A person of vision and faith who operates from firm sense of self-awareness
  • A participating Catholic who understands and accepts the Church’s mission
  • A person willing to serve as the example of what is Catholic in the school
  • An effective communicator with a proven ability to communicate the educational vision to broad and diverse publics
  • A person who demonstrates knowledge of the Breadth, Depth and Context of Catholic Education
  • A person of proven interpersonal skills
  • A person who works for and inspires community building
  • A person with public relations skills
  • A person who is able to lead fundraising efforts and is willing to ask constituents for financial commitments
  • A person who is willing to focus on and be responsible for the vision and building for the future of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
  • A person who understands the administrative process of a school
  • A person who can build, lead and inspire an team
  • A person with proven management skills
  • A person who is willing to delegate power and responsibility to others
  • A person who is collaborative
  • A person who models commitment and passion for the mission
  • A person who is experienced and understand financial processes and management
  • A person who is able to generate and allocate resources
  • A person of integrity, credibility and trustworthiness