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Edgenuity Classes at STA for Credit Recovery

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Online Credit Recovery


Saint Thomas Aquinas High School’s online credit recovery program allows students to get back on track for graduation from STA.  The online coursework through Edgenuity is self-paced, (within a deadline), to acquire a needed credit(s) because of failing a course.  Edgenuity, is an NCAA approved curriculum and will prepare students for success at the next level.


  •      Edgenuity courses are set up on a semester basis. This allows a student to only retake the semester of a course that they failed.


  •      Final Grade does not replace failing grade, but will be calculated into cumulative GPA. Final passing grade is 67% once all work is completed and graded.


  •      Only 2 full credits can be recovered over the 4 years a student is at STA.


  •      The cost per semester for each class is $200.


  •      Director of Academic Counseling, Deb Castinado, will discuss and approve students who are to take an Edgenuity course prior to enrollment.


  •      Once receipt of enrollment and payment is received, students and parents will receive an email from Patty Jordan, STA registrar, with instructions to get started with course.


  •      Coursework is completed at student’s own pace but within a stated deadline given by Mrs. Castinado. Failure to complete course by stated deadline will result in a grade penalty at discretion of administration of STA. In some cases, administration may decide that the course will be put in a student's schedule for the upcoming school year which can result in a substantial change in a student's schedule.


  •      Tests must be taken at STA. Tests will be proctored on days stated that the building is open and counseling office personnel is available.  Test day availability will be stated to both student and parent in the email Patty Jordan sends when enrolled. Testing is by appointment only.  Students must email Patty Jordan twenty four (24) hours in advance to schedule a time to test.



  •      TAKE NOTES throughout the course. It helps you learn to summarize and synthesize the information.
  •      PRINT OUT PROBLEMS to work on paper if that would work better for you
  •      STAY ON PACE. The pacing guide given by Edgenuity is very helpful.
  •      SET A CONSISTENT SCHEDULE. Set aside a certain amount of time at a certain time of day to work and study
  •      FIND A QUIET PLACE TO WORK AND STUDY. Find a place where you can focus and are not distracted.

Questions?  Contact Patty Jordan, [email protected] 913-319-2456 or Deb Castinado, [email protected] 913-319-2453


Step 1:  Discuss and seek approval from Deb Castinado, Director of Academic Counseling, [email protected]


Step 2:  After discussion and approval granted, enroll and pay for class.


CLICK HERE to sign up for the Edgenuity Classes.


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Step 3:  Student and parent will receive email from Patty Jordan with instructions, passwords, etc to get started with Edgenuity course.