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Academic Probation

Academic Probation

Any student failing two or more academic courses for a semester will be placed on academic probation.

Students who are on academic probation two semesters in a row will not be allowed to return to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.

In addition to the above, in order to remain at Saint Thomas Aquinas, a student must be making reasonable progress toward graduation. Reasonable progress will be viewed as credits in the required graduation curriculum as follows:

At the beginning of:

10th grade – a student must have a minimum of 6 academic credits. 11th grade – a student must have a minimum of 13 academic credits. 12th grade – a student must have a minimum of 20 academic credits.

* Note: academic credits do not include Catholic Outreach service hours credit.

Students who end the prior grade with fewer than the above “specified credits” need to enroll in summer school. One credit is the customary maximum credit available during the summer. Academic Counseling must approve all classes taken by STA students from an outside source. Saint Thomas Aquinas reserves the right to require that specific courses be taken from our faculty.