STA Summer School Opportunities 2022

Saints Summer School

Summer 2022 Information Sheet


Thank you for your interest in Saint Thomas Aquinas Summer School


Classes available: 


        1.  Digital Creative Applications: 8:30-12:00
        2.  Speech – 8:30-12:00
        3.  Video Creations:  12:30-4:00                                      (min. 5, max 15)
             Prerequisite is Digital Creative Applications
        4.  Digital Art-8:00-12:30                                                  (min. 6, max 15 )
             Prerequisite is both Foundations of Art and DCA, grades 10-12 only, see program of studies for                      course description, fulfills Fine Art OR Tech Graduation requirement but NOT BOTH.  
            Different Schedule from below:   5/31 to 6/10, 8:30-1:30
        5.  Physical Education / Health 6:30-8:00am                  (min.12, max.40) 

             Physical Education/Health will count as either PE 1 or PE 2. Additional activities are to be done outside of                 the regular dates and times, those hours will be due June 30th. 

Last day to enroll is Monday, May 23, 2022. The cost of summer school is $545 for each class. Payment for summer classes is due at the time of enrollment.
  • Week 1:  Tuesday through Friday, May 31-June 3
  • Week 2:  Monday through Thursday, June 6-9
  • Week 3:  Monday through Thursday, June 13-16


  •  Except for Digital Art and Video Creations, any of these classes may be taken by incoming Freshmen without       prerequisites.   
  • Summer School is a  great way to get acquainted with high school in a more casual setting.


  • For more experienced students, Summer School is a great way to free up valuable regular school-year schedule time for electives (especially performing arts, debate, forensics, and foreign languages).


  • There are a limited number of seats for certain classes and will be filled on a first come first served basis. Each class also has a minimum number of students for the class to occur. 


  • Students will receive an email prior to the first day from the teacher of each class with further details about the course, supplies needed, dress code, etc.