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Our Academic Mission

The academic counseling - student service team supports & assist students, parents and faculty in the academic educational process.

The academic mission of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School is to assist students:
  • Demonstrate a strong sense of personal responsibility for academic progress.
  • Demonstrate competence of reading, writing, speaking, computer technology, listening, reasoning and studying.
  • Understand the positive effects of academic achievement on career opportunities, self-respect and personal studying.
To the above mission the academic student service team assumes the following role:
  • Professional counselors uphold high academic standards for themselves and for STA students.
  • Professional counselors meet with students in order to assist them in attaining the above goals.
  • Professional counselors provide a communicate link with parents on academic issues.
  • Professional counselors support the STA administration and faculty in their academic pursuits - keeping in mind the best interest of the student and his/her future.
  • Counselors will meet with students and parents various times throughout the year to assist students with upcoming events that are beneficial in achieving our academic mission.
  • The Academic Student Service Team plans and implements programs, which provide information and assistance to the parents and students concerning post secondary issues for high school students.
The Academic Student Service Team assumes the primary responsibility of student class enrollment and academic records.

Counseling Staff

Academic Counselor

Deb Castinado                     913-319-2453               [email protected]

Director of College Placement

Liz Majors                           913-319-2477                     [email protected]


Patty Jordan                        913-319-2456              [email protected]

Office Fax number               913-319-2447