College Counseling » ACT School Exam Day: March 28, 2023 (JUNIORS ONLY)

ACT School Exam Day: March 28, 2023 (JUNIORS ONLY)

ACT School Day Exam at Saint Thomas Aquinas

Date: Monday, March 28, 2023
Test Day Attire: Uniform

Arrival Time: 7:45 am
  • All Juniors should arrive at Saint Thomas Aquinas, no later than 7:45 am
    • NO STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED AFTER 8:30 AM or assigned exam room has begun testing.
Check-in Location: STA Commons
Assigned Testing Room Location: Room locations distributed at check-in
What to Bring:
  • Two #2 pencils, sharpened.
  • Approved ACT Calculator.
  • Photo ID (Drivers License or School ID)
    • There is NO ticket to print from your ACT account for this exam. You only need a picture ID.
  • Water
  • Healthy Snack
Total Test Time - ACT NO Writing - Standard Time: 4 hours 
          • Test Identification & Demographic Information: 30 minutes
          • English: 45 Minutes - 75 Questions
          • Math: 60 Minutes - 60 Questions
          • Reading: 35 Minutes - 30 Questions
          • Science: 35 Minutes - 40 Questions
Total Test Time - ACT NO Writing - Accommodation Timing: See your accommodations in your ACT Portal
    • Number of questions is the same as above, timing is determined by accommodation granted
    • Contact Mr. LaMont with any questions about your approved ACT Accommodations.
Dismissal: All students will be dismissed for the day upon completion of exam timing in their individual test room. NO STUDENT may leave early. Early departure will result in a cancellation of exam scores. Enjoy your afternoon off!
  • Click Here for the Preparing for the ACT Free Study Guide
  • Click Here for ACT Testing Rules & Policies

Who can test: Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Juniors

Cost: $0 (This is a National Exam, funded by the State of Kansas). 
Registration & Payment: Registration has been completed for all juniors. You do not need to do anything additional. 
About the School Day Exam: The ACT School Day exam is the same exam that you would take on a National Test Date. Colleges/Universities evaluate a School Day exam, in the same manner, they evaluate a National Test Date exam.
Do I have to register with ACT to get a student number if this is my first test? No.
Will the School Day Exam Registration be listed in my ACT portal? No. However your test score results will be listed following the release of your scores.
Can I still take the April 2 National Test Date ACT Exam, even though I am taking the March 29th School Day Exam? Yes, you can take both the March 29th School Day Exam and the April 2 National Test Date Exam. Some students prefer to see the results of a previous exam in order to prepare for the next exam. If you have registered for the April 2 exam, but would like to wait to take it until another date, you need to log-in to your ACT Student account and move your test date.
How will I add colleges to this exam, so that my score report will be sent directly to the colleges? We will have a session, prior to you taking the exam, where you will complete page one of the answer document and fill-in the colleges you would like your scores sent to.
I am planning to take College Algebra, Calculus I, or Statistics for dual enrollment credit through JCCC, should I list Johnson County Community College as one of the colleges I want my scores to go to? Yes.