College Counseling » ACT School Exam Day: October 20th

ACT School Exam Day: October 20th

ACT School Day Exam at Saint Thomas Aquinas

Date: October 20, 2020

  • Arrive at Saint Thomas Aquinas, no later than: 7:45 am
    • Juniors will enter through the junior entrance and take temperature
    • Seniors will enter through the senior entrance and take temperature
    • NO STUDENTS WILL BE ADMITTED AFTER 8:30 AM or assigned exam room has begun testing.
      • Total Test Time - ACT NO Writing - Standard Time: 4 hours 
        • Test Timing
          • Test Identification & Demographic Information: 30 minutes
          • English: 45 Minutes - 75 Questions
          • Math: 60 Minutes - 60 Questions
          • Reading: 35 Minutes - 30 Questions
          • Science: 35 Minutes - 40 Questions
      • Total Test Time - ACT NO Writing - Accommodation Timing: See your accommodations
        • Test Timing:
          • Number of questions is same as above, timing is determined by accommodation granted
          • Mrs. Majors will be in contact with you about room assignments and special testing.
Assigned Testing Room Location: Room locations will be posted and distributed to registered test takers, the Friday prior to the exam.
What to Bring:
  • Two #2 pencils, sharpened.
  • Approved ACT Calculator.
  • Photo ID (Drivers Licence or School ID)
    • There is NO ticket to print from your ACT account for this exam. You only need a picture ID.
  • Water
  • Healthy Snack
Dismissal: All students will be dismissed for the day upon completion of exam timing in their individual test room. NO STUDENT may leave early. Early departure will result in a cancellation of exam scores. Enjoy your afternoon off!
Test Day Attire: Appropriate out of uniform attire. It is recommended that you dress in layers, exam room temperatures will vary.
COVID-19 Testing Protocol: All school day COVID-19 protocol will be enforced, including the requirement to wear a mask, social distancing and sanitizing.
  • Click Here for the Preparing for the ACT Free Study Guide
  • Click Here for ACT Testing Rules & Policies

Who can test: Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Juniors and Seniors

Cost: $57 (This is a National Exam, therefore the exam fee was not included in the Orientation Test Fees. Fee includes cost of exam & credit card processing fee). Contact Liz Majors for fee waiver information.
Registration & Payment (REGISTRATION IS CLOSED): Students will register and pay through Saint Thomas Aquinas High School NOT through their ACT account. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER
  • (If your student has already taken an ACT exam, you will need their ACT Match Number (NOW CALLED ACT ID in account), which is found in their account)
Registration Deadline: August 18, 2020 at 5:00 pm
About the School Day Exam: The ACT School Day exam is the same exam that you would take on a National Test Date. Colleges/Universities evaluate a School Day exam in the same manner they evaluate a National Test Date exam.
Students with Accomodations:
  • Already Approved for Accommodations through ACT: No action needed. Students will be assigned on test date to rooms based on their accommodations or set-up for multi-day testing.
  • Not Approved for Accommodations through ACT, but would like to test with Accommodations: For students on an approved Catholic School Student Support plan at Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, who have not been approved for ACT Accommodations and would like to seek accomodations for the October 20 exam, please contact Liz Majors - by August 20.
Can a previous ACT exam registration be transferred to cover this test date?No, you will need to contact ACT directly to request a refund for previous exam registrations that were cancelled.
Do I have to register with ACT to get a student number if this is my first test? No.
Will the School Day Exam Registration be listed in my ACT portal? No. However your test score results will be listed following the release of your scores.
I have a November 1st College Deadline, will my scores arrive before November 1st? Maybe, but it is still recommended that you take the exam, especially if this exam is the only one you will have the opportunity to take.
How will I add colleges to this exam, so that my score report will be sent directly to the colleges? We will have a session, prior to you taking the exam, where you will complete page one of the answer document and fill-in the colleges you would like your scores sent to.
I no longer want to take the October 20 ACT? To receive a refund, you must cancel your registration with Mrs. Majors by Wednesday, October 14.