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Visiting College Campuses

VISITING COLLEGE CAMPUSES: Touring a college campus is one of the best ways to get the feel of the campus environment and community you will be a part of. 
Saint Thomas Aquinas Campus Visit Policy
If possible, students are encouraged to use days that Saint Thomas Aquinas is not in session for college
visits. Students are allowed to miss school for a college visit for up to 6 days (no more than 3 days in any
one school year) in their 4 years at Saint Thomas Aquinas. More than 6 in 4 years will be counted as
being out of town and thus will count against their exam waiver. Please call the Attendance Office at 913-
319-2415 to report the absence as is the case in any absence.

All college visits must be verified by submitting your College Visit Agenda, with your name on it or by
submitting an official college visit form from college, with an official university signature stating that you
were there and took an official tour. Verification should be turned into the attendance office upon
returning to school. Saint Thomas Aquinas High School defines a "college visit" as a day missing school
whereas a student is visiting a college where he/she is interested in attending and has formally set up, in
ADVANCE, a visit with the admissions office, a coach, departmental dean, or university official.
If a student should forget to acquire written documentation of their college visit on the day he/she is there,
the college may fax the document to the attention of Karen Frederick, at 913-319-2417. Literature collected during the visit does not qualify as documentation.
COVID-19 has changed the where and how we visit colleges campus. No longer can we easily hop in our car and take the ultimate College Tour Roadtrip. Recently, some college campuses have opened back-up their campuses for socially distanced and masked college tours, while others still remain closed to visitors. Your best source of information for how colleges are sharing their campuses with prospective students is each College/Universities Campus Visit Webpage.
Virtual Campus Tour Resources & Events: