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Requesting Transcripts: Current Students

Senior Class:
  • Unofficial Transcripts: An unofficial 6th and 7th semester transcript will be added to the Portfolio section of Skyward, following the completion of your junior year and first semester of senior year. You can save this transcript and use it to apply to colleges/universities and upload into your application portal, as a PDF when allowed by institutions.
  • Official Transcripts: You are required to request an official transcript for all colleges/universities that you apply to. All official transcripts must be requested in NAVIANCE and will be sent directly from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School to the college/university/organization you indicated you would like your transcript sent in NAVIANCE. Click Here for instructions on requesting your transcripts in NAVIANCE.
***Each Student gets Three FREE transcripts. There is a $3 charge for each additional transcript.***
***Payment for transcripts is made in May of each academic year.***
Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors:
  • Both unofficial and unofficial transcripts must be requested via NAVIANCE. For instructions on how to request your unofficial/official transcript, Click Here.
    • Official transcripts will be sent directly to the institution/program/scholarship indicated in request.
    • Unofficial transcripts will be loaded to your portfolio in Skyward.
Alumni Transcript Requests:
  • Click Here to go to the Alumni Transcript Request Form.