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Requesting Transcripts: Current Students

Class of 2021:
  • Unofficial Transcripts: An uofficial 6th semester transcript has been added to the Portfolio section of Skyward. You can save this transcript and use it to apply to colleges/universities and upload into your application portal, as a PDF when allowed by institutions.
  • Official Transcripts: You are required to request an official transcript for all colleges/universities that you apply to. All official transcripts must be requested in NAVIANCE and will be sent directly from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School to the college/university/organization you indicated you would like your transcript sent in NAVIANCE. Click Here for instructions on requesting your transcripts in NAVIANCE.
***Each Student gets Three FREE transcripts. There is a $3 charge for each additional transcript.***
***Payment for transcripts is made in May of each academic year.***
Class of 2022-2024:
  • Both unofficial and unofficial transcripts must be requested via NAVIANCE. For instructions on how to request your unofficial/official transcript, Click Here.
    • Official transcripts will be sent directly to the institution/program/scholarship indicated in request.
    • Unofficial transcripts will be loaded to your portfolio in Skyward.
Alumni Transcript Requests:
  • Click Here to go to the Alumni Transcript Request Form.