Financing Your College Education

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) -
    • Completed during a students senior year (Available Oct. 1)
    • Determines federal loan, pell grant and work study programs
    • Questions, call 1-800-4-FED-AID
    • There is no fee for completing the FAFSA
  • CSS Profile -
    • Required by some, not all colleges. Only submit and complete if required by your college
    • There is a fee to complete the CSS Profile
  • Questions? Financial Aid is individual and unique to each institution. All questions should be directed to the College/University Financial Aid office where you have applied.
TO APPLY FOR A SCHOLARSHIP, Students MUST Complete the Scholarship and Special Program Request Form. Click Here for form. 
  • All forms must be completed a minimum of three weeks prior to the programs deadline. A failure to adhere to these deadlines prohibits Saint Thomas Aquinas Faculty and staff from being able to guarantee that your documents will arrive by program deadline.
  • The majority of your scholarships will come directly from the institutions you are applying to. Visit the Institutions Scholarship & Financial Aid Page for scholarship details.
  • Click Here for the Kansas Post Secondary Institutions Admission & Financial Aid Guide.
  • NAVIANCE Scholarship List: All Johnson County, KC Metro, Kansas & National Scholarships that are sent to the College Counseling office are posted under the Scholarship List in NAVIANCE
  • The majority of scholarships are now linked to scholarship agencies or scholarship search engines - See table below for some of the most popular scholarship agencies.

Scholarship Links & Search Engines

Fastweb – Community Service


Greater KC Community Foundation

Kansas Board of Regents




Other Places to Research for Scholarship

Parent Employer/Professional Organizations

Civic Organizations

Community Foundations

Associations/Foundations related to any special circumstances

Church & Religious Organizations

Associations related to intended area of study

Competitions related to your interests

Demographic Scholarships