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All credit card payments will include a 3% processing fee. To give Saint Thomas Aquinas High School the full value of your gift, please elect to cover the processing fee or pay by check. Thank you!
Through faith and academics, student activities, athletics and the arts, the Saints Annual Appeal provides opportunities to develop the whole student. While tuition covers classroom expenses, proceeds from the Saints Annual Appeal and Extravaganza fund student activities of which 88% of our students participate: 25 activities/clubs, retreats and 20 athletic program.
This year, the Saints Annual Appeal campaign partnered with Student Council in messaging this year's theme, Create While You're Here. "Create" invites each of us to use our God-given gifts and explore our interests, whether that be a new friendship, a club, a blessing, a championship, a performance, or just a new beginning. "While You're Here" echoes the sentiment to act now. These four years go by quickly. Take advantage of the opportunities to grow, learn and create together so that you might leave a legacy.
We ask you to partner with all of us as we build "A Communion of Saints, Standing on Higher Ground." We are most grateful for your generous consideration and continued support. Every gift matters. Participation is the key.
History of Annual Giving
Every fall, the Saint Thomas Aquinas High School launches the Saints Annual Appeal (SAA) campaign, a direct mail initiative that seeks unrestricted funds to support the total operating budget. Until 2017, this campaign was called Blue & Gold Fund, but to stress the importance of the annual gift, the Advancement Office changed the name to Saints Annual Appeal.