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Matching Gift Program

Saint Thomas Aquinas High School Matching Gift Program
Thank you for your intent to arrange a matching-gift relationship between you, your company and Saint Thomas Aquinas High School!
Many businesses participate in matching gift programs to non-profit entities. They will match, up to a certain amount, your monetary contributions to Saint Thomas Aquinas High School.
If you would like to find out if your company or affiliated organization matches charitable gifts, please check with your Human Resources department, or check this partial list of Matching Gift Companies.
Most likely, the Matching Gift Organization will require the individual donor to submit documentation to the company to arrange the match. When you make a monetary contribution to Saint Thomas Aquinas, you will receive a written acknowledgement for your contribution, which will include the total gift amount and also the “fair market value” (total gift, less value of any tangible benefits received).
Most matching-gift companies have written guidelines for the individual donor’s reference. If your company's matching gift program will not match gifts when tangible goods or services are received, you may decline the benefits associated with your donation. Saint Thomas Aquinas High School will comply with all matching gift company rules and regulations as stated on matching gift forms.
When you make a gift to Saint Thomas Aquinas that you intend to have matched by your employer, please indicate on your correspondence to us:
a) the name of the Matching Gift Organization, and
b) any specific guidelines that we should be aware of.
You may also want to include the percentage or ratio of the expected match, especially if the information is new or has changed.
When the school receives the associated matching gift from your company or foundation, you will also receive “soft credit” for the organization’s gift.
Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you again for your support of Saint Thomas Aquinas High School!
Michelle Holzmeister
Office Manager/Matching Gifts Administrator
Saint Thomas Aquinas High School
Tax ID: #48-1057398