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Table Coordinators 2021

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Calling all Table Coordinators & Extravaganza Guests




Your personal Extravaganza invitation will arrive by October 1. Extravaganza is an evening of exquisite taste, sight and sound!  It is a time of true community building among our parents, faculty, staff, and alumni. You don’t want to miss out on the fun: Saturday, November 13th.


Start organizing your tables of ten (10) or twelve (12) now. Being a table coordinator is easy! Simply gather old friends and new acquaintances to sit with you. Ask the guests at your table to go to the mobile bidding site http://bidpal.net/saintsinemeraldcity to identify you as the table coordinator and where they want to be seated.  A member of our committee can contact you to confirm payment and names of your table guests. We can assist if you cannot fill your table!


Outside-the-community guests, especially prospective parents are welcome. Please contact one of the table coordinators to make sure your guests receive a personal invitation.  


Mobile Bidding registration opens on Thursday, September 23rd In previous years, the event has sold out a few days after the early bird pricing expires. 


This year we have table coordinator chairs from every grade to help fill the room with representatives from every grade. Call one of the chairs and let them know you plan to get a group together and to reserve your table.                          

Janna Maher, 9: jmaher826@gmail.com

Marlene Selock, 9: marselock@yahoo.com

Megan Strout, 9: kcstrout@me.com

Jonann Ellner, 10 & 12: jaellner72@gmail.com

Sally Vance, 11: svance613@hotmail.com

Kelli Cox, 12: kcox_mom@yahoo.com

You do not need a table coordinator to attend. The table coordinator committee enjoys pairing up parents from similar grades & interests.

Early bird pricing ends

Alumni 1989-2018: $125 each

First-time Attendees: $125 each

Individual Tickets: $150 each


Extravaganza is the largest fundraiser at Saint Thomas Aquinas, an event that is planned, organized and run by parent volunteers.  2021-22 Parent Volunteer Form

Signup online to get notifications regarding Extravaganza volunteer opportunities. If you have questions, contact Teresa Ahrens in the Advancement Office, 913.206.1656 or tahrens@stasaints.net


A signup for specific Extravaganza Evening volunteer opportunities will be released after October 15, 2021.