Off Season Conditioning


Off Season Training:

 The key to success and improvement


  • 6:30 AM Monday through Friday starting on Monday, June 1st.
  • Saturday runs will be at a variety of locations off campus where we can get longer runs done on trails or rural roads. 
  • We will meet behind the gym just outside the fitness center Monday through Friday. 
  • Workouts will vary based on age and experience. Older kids will run longer than younger kids and therefore the younger kids will be ready for pick up sooner.  Everyone will build mileage as the summer progresses and so the workouts will get longer over time.  
  • Freshmen parents can expect their kids to be done by 7:30 in the early part of summer and a little later as summer goes on. 


Getting started:

  • You will start at a distance that you know you can finish without walking and that will leave you wanting to come back and go running again the next day.
  • Don’t do too much too soon.  You have plenty of time to get into peak shape and if you do too much, too soon you will increase your chances of getting injured.
  • Be consistent: start with and stick with a safe distance and run that amount every day. This will become your “daily average.”
  • Long Run: Once a week we will do a run that is longer than your daily average. This run will be about 20-25% of your weekly total. This is an incredibly important workout each week so make sure you get this done. 


Building up your mileage:

  • We will gradually increase distance of your daily runs and your weekly long run. The general rule is to increase by 10% from week to week. We will have plans for kids of all ages and ability to follow so they can ensure a safe progression.  


Getting stronger and faster:

  • It is important to get stronger each season. Our athletes should commit to weight lifting 2-3 times per week, doing core work 4-6 times per week and stretching after every single run.
  • A stronger runner is more resistant to injury and can also handle greater training volume and intensity. Basically, if you are stronger you will be much more likely to stay healthy and you will get faster from doing bigger, better workouts.
  • True speed is important for all athletes and we work on it all year long. Tuesdays and Fridays will have speed work included into the training program. 


Aim high:

  • Have a goal of running higher volume than you did in the previous season.  Summer conditioning should build into cross country. Cross country should build into winter conditioning.  Winter conditioning should build into track. Track should build into summer conditioning and so on…
  • Every new season should see you running more miles and getting stronger, fitter and faster. Don’t work backwards and don’t reset to zero. Give yourself some credit, you are stronger than you realize. 
  • If you want to be better than you were, you have to work harder than you used to.