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2015 Season Summary:  9-3; 2015 Eastern Kansas League Co-Champions(7-1);  Regional Champions; District Champions; Sectional Champions

Team Awards:  MVP:  James Cosentino                                              Offensive Player of the Year:  James Cosentino          

                            Defensive Player of the Year:  Parker Swanson      Most Inspirational:  Christopher Schilling

                            Tight End/Receiver:  CJ Perez                                    Scout Team Player of the Year:  Alex Speckin

                            Offensive Back/QB:  James Cosentino                     Offensive Line:  Zach Pfeifer

                             Linebacker/Outside LB:  Parker Swanson               Defensive Line:  Samson Schaefer

                            Defensive Back:  Christopher Schilling                     Special Teams:  Blake Zuniga




2014 Season Summary:

• Total Offense: 5130 yds. Broke the 2008 record of 4842 yds.
• Rushing Offense: 4235 yds. Broke the 2003 record of 2653 yds.
• Points Scored In A Season: Moved into 2nd with 406 behind the total of 509 in 2006.
• Individual Game Rushing Record: James Cosentino vs Blue Valley West 261 yds.
  Broke Ryan Smith’s record 260 yds in 2005.
• Single Season Ind. Rushing Record: James Cosentino 1296 yds.
  Broke Ryan Smith’s 2006 record of 1268.
• Karter Odermann moved into 3rd place single season rushing with 1072.
• Single Season TD record: James Cosentino moved into 2nd Place with 18 TD’s.
  behind Ryan Smith’s 25.
• Nick Gadwood ended with 137 total tackles which puts him in a tie for 7th single season.


Post Season Team Awards:  Tight End \ Receiver: Kyle Raunig                Offensive Player of the Year: James Cosentino    
                                            Offensive Back \ QB: James Cosentino          Defensive Player of the Year: Nathan Stukel     
                                            Offensive Line: Zach Pfeifer                          Defensive Back: Christopher Schilling
                                            Linebacker\ Outside LB: Nathan Stukel         Most Inspirational: Kyle Bollig                              
                                            Defensive Line: Antonio Jablonski                  Special Teams: James Cosentino                      
                                            Scout Team Player of the Year: Alex Speckin   Most Valuable Player of the Year: James Cosentino  

EKL 1st TEAM:  James Cosentino – RUNNING BACK; Zach Pfeifer – OFFENSIVE LINE; Kyle Raunig – TIGHT END;

                       Ben Ewing – DEFENSIVE LINE; Nick Gadwood – LINEBACKER; Christopher Schiling – DEFENSIVE BACK       
EKL 2nd TEAM:  Tom Killilea – OFFENSIVE LINE; Ethan Meyers - KICKER
EKL HM:  Karter Odermann(QB); Jacob Leikam(RB); Brent Keffer (OL); Antonio Jablonski (DL);  
               Angel Dominquez(DL); Chris Bollig(DB); Nathan Stukel(DB); Nathan Burditt(PUNTER)

First Team All 5A State:  James Cosentino – RUNNING BACK: Ben Ewing – DEFENSIVE LINE    Nick Gadwood – LINEBACKER

All 5A State Honorable Mention:  Zach Pfeifer (OL); Karter Odermann (QB); Kyle Raunig (TE); Christopher Schilling (DB)

ALL SIMONE TEAM:  Nick Gadwood(LB);  Christopher Schilling(DB) 

Kansas Football Coaches Assoc. All State Team:  Kyle Raunig(TE); Ben Ewing(DL); Nick Gadwood(LB); 
                                                                              Coach Dreiling – 5A Coach of the Year
All Metro Team:  2nd Team: Ben Ewing (DL)  Honorable Mention:  James Cosentino(RB); Zach Pfeifer(OL); Nick Gadwood(LB)

2013 Season Summary:

2013 Team Awards:  Newcomer of the Year: Angel Dominguez

                               Offensive Player of the Year: Ryan McNellis
                               Most Improved: Zach Pfeifer
                               Defensive Player of the Year: Ben Ewing
                               Most Inspirational: Cole Pickert
                               Most Valuable Player: Joel Edwards

Post Season Awards:  Eastern Kansas League (EKL) 1st Team:

                                        Ryan McNellis; Ben Ewing 

                                 Eastern Kansas League (EKL) 2nd Team:

                                       Joel Edwards; Joe Maxwell 

                                Eastern Kansas League (EKL) Honorable Mention:

                                      Andrew Hagemann; Zach Pfeifer; John Thesing; Jeremy Collier; Angel Dominguez; Kyle Raunig

                                      Jack Casey; Richard Hartzel; Cole Pickert; Danten Cosentino

2012 Season Summary:
2012 Eastern Kansas League Champions; 2012 Class 5A District 3 Champions; 2012 Class 5A Sectional Champions
2012 Class 5A Sub-State Runnerup; 10-2 Season Record
2012 Team Awards:  Newcomer of the Year: Danten Cosentino
                                Offensive Player of the Year: Nick Williams
                                Most Improved: Tommy Lawson
                                Defensive Player of the Year: Will McDonald
                                Most Inspirational: Will McDonald
                                Most Valuable Player: Nick Williams
Post-Season Awards:   Eastern Kansas League (EKL) 1st Team:
                             Dan Morin (OL); Dan Morin (DL); Nick Williams (DB) 
                             Eastern Kansas League (EKL) 2nd Team:
                             Paul Hoffman (OL); Joe Maxwell (LB); Devin Vickers (WR)
                                    Eastern Kansas League (EKL) Honorable Mention:
                                    Will McDonald (LB); Regan Nachbar (DB); Hunter Swanson (DB); Danten Cosentino (QB);
                                    Derrick Rodgers (K); Nick Williams (RB/WR); Austin Scherzer(WR/DB); Ryan McNellis (WR);
                                    Kyle Raunig (TE); Michael Stukel (DL); Ben Ewing (DL); Cole Pickert (LB); Tommy Lawson (LB); 
                                    Nick Vena (OL)
Kansas All-Class Top 11 Player - Topeka Capital Journal:  Dan Morin
All-Simone Team: Dan Morin (DL)