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Parent duties

Parents the team contact roster has been uploaded below
Parent sign-up 2018
Team Dinners
Tuesday, 8/28 - Sophomore - Budetti, Seibolt, Hicks, Temple and Webb
Wednesday, 9/5- Junior - Clune @ Clune House, Derley, and Gassel
Wednesday, 9/12- Freshmen - Bissen, Burrell, Dotterer, Croake and Gay
Wednesday, 10/3 - Senior - Black, Hanrahan, Brown and Lynch
Snack coordinator
Varsity: Susan Black
JV: Helen Drone
Slide show for banquet
Ellen Brown
Parent Photographers
Andrea Bissen
Ellen Clune
Ellen Clune (table decorations), need more help!!
Locker decoration
Anne Seibolt, Marianne Burrell, Michelle Dunn, Susan Black, Ellen Brown, Kim Hanrahan and Kate Dotterer
Senior Banners
Kristen Lynch and Kim Hanrahan