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2021 Season


Fitness and Conditioning 

There won’t be a fitness test as part of tryouts BUT there will be a fitness test shortly after. This will allow the coaching staff to see where the girls are from a fitness standpoint and therefore adapt plans as we build towards our first games.  


Fitness Test

I know the two words "fitness test” can cause some anxiety. I don’t believe that fitness tests should be a surprise and players should have all the details beforehand. There should be nothing to STRESS about. Here is the test:


10 x 120 Yard Runs 

Players will have 20 seconds to run 120 yards (Full length of the field)

Players will have 40 seconds to run back 

Players will then rest for 1 minute.


This process will repeat itself 10 times.  

Obviously, the goal is for the players to get down in 20 secs and back in 40 secs (total 1 min) 10 times. Should a player not get back in 20 seconds they will end up with less resting time and this will make the test more difficult. Not getting back in time DOES NOT mean you are eliminated.  

If players have questions about this, they can reach out to Coach Lamb. Again, there should be no stress or anxiety around this, it is simply part of the game. Fitness requires preparation – please prepare. 



Player Spirit Wear / Training Uniform Package

All players (post tryouts) will need to purchase their training gear.  The package will include:

(2) Under Armor Training Jerseys (with Aquinas Customization)

(1) Off Brand Training Jersey (with Aquinas Customization)

White Game Day socks 

Navy Game Day socks 

** More could be added but want to keep the cost in line ** 


Many Saints have recently committed to a college!  Seniors Grace O'Keefe, Gabi Cox and Junior Abby Hansen have committed to play Soccer at Missouri State.  Senior Skylee Deladurantaye has committed to play Soccer at Colorado Christian University.  Seniors Taylor James and Patti Ehrnman have committed to play Soccer at Rockhurst University.  And Senior Trinity Kemp has committed to play Soccer at Benedictine College.  Congrats to all!





Congratulations to Aquinas soccer player Sydney Watts on her call up to the U17 US Youth National Team training camp in May. Good Luck Sydney!  
  • 2020:  The Leaven looks at COVID-19 and Coach Ewing's final season:  Check it out!
  • 2020:  Both juniors Grace O'Keefe and Taylor James have just been named to the USC Midwest All Region Team for the 8 central States.
  • 2020:  United Soccer Coaches names a 13 Player Kansas All State team for Spring that includes two Saints: Congrats to junior keeper, Taylor James and junior Midfielder, Grace O'Keefe.
  • Improve your foot skills. Make use of Saints All-American, Erin Ellefson's video. Check it out!
  • Note: if you want to review any year of Saints Girls' Soccer from 2013 on, just click on the "Links" page to go to whatever season you are interested in. Follow Girls' Soccer on Twitter: Search STAGirlsSoccer.