Schedule of parent duties

Tennis Boys 2020
STA tennis team can not perform without the help of our parents  Thank you, parents!!
Here is what you signed-up for:
Team Dinners:
Freshmen: Date: April 7
                  Kelley, Lange.
Sophomores: Date: April 21
Juniors: Date: May 5, 103rd/Marty tennis courts
              Krizman, Lawler.
Seniors: Date: April 10
              Herbic, Platt, Kelley.
Varsity snack coordinator:
Beth Kelley.
JV snack coordinator:
When the snack coordinator contacts you, please volunteer and bring water and Gatorade for drinks and healthy snacks (bagels, granola bars, bananas, apples, oranges) THANK YOU
All parents, Bob Herbic.
If we don't have another photographer, please take as many pictures of your son and the team as possible so we have pictures for the end of season slide show at the banquet. Thank you.
Banquet 5/18/2020
Chairperson: Helen Drone.
Assistant: Michelle Dunn (decorations).
Slide show: Marty Arling with Thomas Arling.
Locker Decoration:
Michelle Dunn.
Senior Banners: Michelle Dunn.