General Information

STA TENNIS BOYS TEAM SPRING 2021 -- General Information
First and foremost, welcome to the Boys Tennis season 2021 at STA!!  Coach Brown and Coach Thompson are very pleased and excited to coach the STA Boys Tennis Team this season. Below is important information about playing boys tennis for Spring 2021. 
1.    Team communication.  Outside of practice and matches, our main method of communication is the STA boys tennis team website, which is located at the STA school website under “Athletics,” “Spring Sports,” and “Boys Tennis.”  During the school year, the website will contain the current schedule for the matches, the team roster, results of matches, the players designated for a given match, and the location of the match. Please check the website for information before you contact a coach directly.  The current website for STA boys’ tennis team is here
2.    Coaches’ contact information.  Coach Brown and Coach Thompson are not teachers at STA, and so if you need to contact us, we can be reached by telephone, text, or e-mail as follows: 

      Coach Ty Brown:  913-565-0391

      Coach Thompson:  816-835-5862
3.    Summer camp.  Each summer, STA holds a single tennis camp for both girls and boys tennis players at the tennis courts of Indian Creek Racquet Center at 103rd and Marty.  The 2021 tennis summer camp will be held, Monday, June 21, through Thursday, June 24, with Friday, June 25 as rain-out date.  We meet 4-6pm each day. Click Here to find a registration form for the STA High School Summer Camps. We highly encourage you to attend; it is a great way to meet your fellow team members, get familiar with us coaches and make friends.
4.    Tennis practice.  Practice will be every day after school beginning on March 1, 2021, and continuing through May 13, 2021.  We practice at the tennis courts at Indian Creek Racquet Center on 103rd and Marty from 4:30-6:30pm, weather permitting.  Being present and on-time for practice are mandatory.  But if you must miss a practice for some reason, please inform a coach by noon about your absence and the reason (the best way is a text message!). 

Please bring the following to practice (a)  Tennis shoes (non-marking), (b) your tennis racquet(s), (c) a water bottle with water, (d) sun screen cream, (e) a cap or visor to help with sun protection for the eyes (no sunglasses), (f) a towel, and (g) a jump rope. Phone calls and texting during practice will result in a collection of the electronic device by the coach.
5.    Previous tennis experience.   To ensure a positive experience, boys must normally have played some tennis before joining the team.  We do not have a fixed limit on the number of team members, and our goal is to represent STA with as many student-athletes as possible!  Accordingly, we normally do not conduct team try-outs unless we have an unexpectedly large number of potential team members beyond what our practice facility can reasonably accommodate.
6.    Varsity/JV.  Our Tennis team consists of 6-10 varsity players. Instead of an official “challenge ladder,” we typically arrange matches between selected players to see how they play against one another.  Our philosophy is that there is more to putting forth our best overall team than reliance solely on the results of challenge matches.  Besides tennis ability, we also consider compatible personalities, sportsmanship, and overall behavior.  Similarly, deciding which players will best represent our school as singles versus doubles players is also a multi-factor consideration.  We expect players and parents alike to respect the coaching decision, although we are always open to listen and discuss. We are representing STA as a team and as such it is expected that the players respect and support each other as players. If you are chosen to play in a dual or tournament you will be expected to stay for the entire event. Your focus should be on tennis!!  
Everybody is welcome on the JV team who is willing to commit the necessary time, effort, and enthusiasm. Seniors playing on JV will not participate in JV tournaments.  Rather, they are for the development of underclassmen. Our goal is to give every JV tennis player the opportunity to play a minimum of 4 matches throughout the season.

All boys wanting to be on the tennis team are required to have a KSHSAA Physical and Concussion form on file in the Athletic Office before practice begins on March, 2. These forms can be found on the Activities page/athletic information/downloadable forms. All forms must be dated after May 1 for the upcoming school year to be valid.
7.    Parental responsibilities.  The help of our team parents is essential to the overall success of our Tennis season.  Here are the initial areas for which we need parental assistance, and we will add to this list on an as-needed basis.
       a.    Driving.  Safety and fun are our main priorities.  To ensure students travel safely to and from all tennis matches, we will periodically ask that parents help out with driving.
       b.    Team dinners.  Our goal is to have 4 team dinners, each facilitated by a different grade level.  We ask that the parents please choose one individual to coordinate each team dinner.  
       c.    Matches.
      Schedule.  On each Saturday during the season, the schedule for the upcoming week will be updated on the website with practice, match and tournament schedule including which team members are playing.  Please check the website to stay current on the schedule.

      Snacks.  We need one parent to serve as Varsity Snack Coordinator, and another parent to serve as JV Snack Coordinator throughout the season.  The Snack Coordinator’s job is to ensure that one parent is bringing snacks and drinks to each given match (i.e. the responsibility for bringing snacks and drinks rotates among the parents).

      Photographs.  Please help the team by ensuring that photographs of players during the matches are taken during the season.  We like to have these photos not only for the memories, but also for an end-of-season slide show at the banquet.
d.    End-of-season banquet.  We hold an end-of-season banquet in May in the STA commons.  To ensure the banquet is well-organized, we ask that the parents decide on a Banquet Chairperson and at least 3 co-chairpersons.  ** Banquet planning is needed with (a) selecting a caterer, (b) getting team members to sign-up and turn-in the banquet fee, (c) decoration and (d) assembling a 10-15 minute PowerPoint presentation of tennis pictures taken during the season.
**This season (2021) we will have a banquet but it will not have a catered meal due to Covid/School 

 Thank you so much for all your support of the STA Boys Tennis Team!!!