Parent Info

2020 Saint Thomas Aquinas Track & Field Coaching Staff

Head Coach:
Justin Wrigley - Distance and Relays --- 
Assistant Coaches:
Dillen Jackle - Shot Put and Discus --- 
Michael Lewis - Long Jump, High Jump, Triple Jump ---
Dinsdale Morgan - Sprints, Hurdles and Relays ---  
Devan Sawyer - Sprints and Jumps --- 
Bryan Thelen - Distance - 
Ray Williams - Javelin --- 
MANDATORY PARENT MEETING: Thursday, March 4th at 6:00 in the Theater.

·       There are two levels of Track & Field: Varsity and Junior Varsity – no cuts.

1.     Varsity: We typically get three entries in the individual events and one relay team.

2.     Junior Varsity: Entries are usually unlimited. Exception is the JV EKL Championships.

 a. Freshmen: There is a freshmen-only meet on Tuesday, May 5th.

·       Routine: We will practice/compete six days a week all season long. Sundays are off.

1.     Practice begins at 3:30 on school days and 9:00 or 10:00 AM on Saturdays.

2.     Because of the nature of T&F, practice will usually be 2 – 2 ½ hours in length.  

3.     On weekdays when we don’t have school (FFF) we may meet in event groups to accommodate the schedules of the coaches. EX: Distance at 9 AM. Sprints at 3:30PM.

4.     Spring Break: We will practice at 9:00 AM for kids that are in town.  Some coaches may meet with their event groups in the afternoon instead.  

·       Attendance:  Everyone is expected to attend every day and be on time. We do work with club sport athletes, please see #2 below. 

·       Excused absences:  Must be communicated with your event coach or coaches. 

1.     Working with a teacher after school – just bring a note and report to practice when you are done.

2.     Club sports – Email or bring schedule of practice and meet conflicts. We are happy to work with multi-sport athletes but it requires great communication and balance. Your club sport may be your first love but if you want to be on the track & field team you will need to honor your commitment to this team as well. The best approach is to establish a practice routine between the two sports with the coaching staff and make sure all potential conflicts are addressed in advance. 

3.     Other STA activities – EX: Debate, Forensics, Choir, etc…  Just email in advance.

4.     Family or church obligations – Just email in advance.

5.     Basically, we are willing to work around schedules but every effort should be made to attend on a regular basis.

6.  Community Service - Obviously we understand the value of service but these hours should be scheduled around athletic activities.  If there is a service opportunity that can ONLY be done at a specific time that conflicts with practice please email Coach Wrigley in advance but try to avoid or limit these situations. Keep in mind that your service hours are supposed to be a sacrifice of your personal time, not the time you have already committed to school, athletics, etc...

·       Team pictures: Saturday, March 28th at 8:00 AM. Wear uniform to practice. We will practice after pictures. Bring practice clothes as well.

·       Uniforms: These are school issued and need to be returned at the last meet of the season.

1.     Does your child still have their uniform from last year? PLEASE RETURN ASAP!

·       Spirit wear: We have several items to choose from. See the online stores on the main page.

1.     Make your orders online and note the deadlines.  

2.     All spirit wear is optional. Order only what you want.

3. Everyone must order a team t-shirt from the online team store. It comes in a variety of colors and materials. Order which ever one you want. Wear it to meets when you are warming up.

·       Meet warm ups: Can be cotton sweats or regular “wind suit” warm up.

1.     You have several choices from the spirit wear.

2.     If you have previously purchased items that is just fine.

·       Team Dinners:  Held in the commons after practice on 8 different nights.  

1.     Traditionally consist of pasta, salad and bread.

2.     Drinks can be provided with coolers or bottled water.

3.     The parents that sign up each week can choose how they wish to organize: Pot luck? Each class brings something? Etc…  

4.     The experienced parents have this down to a science because it has been our tradition for so long.  

5.  Volunteering at dinners is a great way to get to know other track parents! 

·       Team Banquet: Sunday, June 7th @3:00 PM in the STA commons.

·       Lettering: Accomplish one of the following:

  1.      Compete in four or more varsity meets.
  2.      Score individually or top 3 in a relay at the EKL meet.
  3.      Qualify for state.