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Off Season Conditioning

Conditioning: There is no excuse to start the season out of shape.
  • If you are not in a winter sport you need to get in shape.
  • We meet at 3:20 everyday after school in the STA fitness center.
  • Conditioning is specific and divided into two groups: Speed and Endurance. 
  • All conditioning also includes weights, core strength and flexibility. 
Indoor Track: An opportunity to compete and have some fun this winter. 
  • There are several indoor track meets offered at local colleges every winter..
  • You can use indoor meets to test your progress and practice your events. 
  • Technical or skill events can benefit the most from indoor competition.
  • Distance runners should not compete in more than 2-3 indoor meets. 
  • Indoor should be a stepping stone towards outdoor season. We are not trying to peak in February.
  • You must enter indoor meets "unattached" or as a member of a track club. 
  • You may not wear a school issued uniform in the meets.