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STADT Spread JOY Campaign

Calling all Saints! Near and Far!
We have a call to action for you.
It's a crazy time - there's no denying it! This feels like a battle we're in right now, doesn't it? This crazy time. We suit up in our armor in the form of face masks and gloves. We use all sorts of weapons in this fight as well - everything from lysol wipes to vitamin C. On top of that, uncertainty about the economy, jobs, so many special events lost right now - It can be exhausting to take in and deal with.
We talk a lot on dance team about our job. At the end of the day, our job is made up of a few key things. Certainly most obvious among those is our job is to entertain. We choose to look at that as a remarkable and treasured opportunity to give the people in our audience a two minute break from whatever life is throwing at them. More than entertainment, our job is to give them an escape, a spark of inspiration and, if we're really on our game, a moment of joy.
A close second is our job to raise spirit. We exist to uplift game day. Without us, halftime looks a whole lot different. But beyond that, our job is to be lights in the hallway. We strive to spread kindness like confetti and to take our team mantra "Sparkle and Shine" to the farthest extent it can be. Nothing thrills us more than when we see alumni take those key truths with them as they chase their dreams. We're a dance family that reaches so, so far.
While the world looks different right now, and our normal will never be the same, our mission has never been clearer. Our jobs as leaders in our communities, Aquinas and beyond, have never, EVER been more important. As we all work to navigate "now" and when we return to our new normal some day, our communities are going to need us.
So, we're brainstorming ways to SPARK JOY now. We're going to seize the day and make a difference now, when people most need it. While we can't be on the front lines helping people get better - slow clap for our incredible healthcare workers and first responders - we can get super creative to bring people closer together and give them that escape that we so often strive for during our regular season.
Our first initiative is a DANCE challenge!
We've created a short 4-8 count combo that ANYONE can learn. Moms/dads, brothers/sisters, FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL, we're looking at YOU!
Just 4 easy steps to get involved:
1. This is a great way to take a break from reality. Watch the videos below, learn the movements and get that blood pumping and those endorphins goin'.
2. Once you've learned the choreography, film yourself doing it - then send it to us. We're going to make a compilation video of everyone who participates! You can EMAIL videos to OR you can post via social with the hashtag #STADTspreadJOY
3. This is a great way to SPREAD JOY! SHARE, SHARE, SHARE our posts on IG, Facebook and Twitter! Let's spread the word and make this BIG!
Your video does NOT have to be perfect. Mistakes are OK. Don't worry about filming quality. That's not what this is about. In fact, just like dance team practices, this is a *judgement free* zone. Let loose and help us bring a smile to faces all around the country.