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Spirits Traditions

Saint Thomas Aquinas Spirits Traditions
S.O.A.R. ~  Spirits on a Rampage is our battle cry. It is the conclusion of our team chant, that you’ll hear echoing a few minutes before each of our performance. It also represents our mission: To relentlessly pursue excellence on and off the field, and to make a positive and meaningful impact on our classmates, neighbors and future Spirits.
S&S ~ ‘Sparkle and Shine’ is our team motto. As a team, we strive to excellence in all areas. Whether it is on the football field or the basketball court, the classroom or the commons before school, Spirits truly ‘sparkle and shine’ in any setting, seeking to be their best at all times.
StarsThe star is our trademark symbol. A tradition started many years ago, the Spirits wear a gold star sticker or gem near the left eye for every performance. Sometimes this is paired with the Aquinas shield under the right eye.
 Big Spirit/Little Spirit ~ Within each team, rookies are paired with veterans for mentoring throughout the season.
FamiliesThere are six dance team ‘families’ within our program, which are comprised of dancers from each grade. The purpose of dance team families is to further promote mentoring opportunities for our veterans and resources for our younger dancers.
Team Prayer ~ Coming together as a team in prayer is an essential part of our preparation. We close each practice and enter each performance with student-led prayer.
Weekly Mass ~ We attend mass as a team on a weekly basis.
Team dinners ~ The Varsity squad gathers together before each home football game.
Football Tailgate ~ One time each season, we come together as a program and host a family tailgate before a home football game.
Class of 2023 Spirit Dance Team Seniors